Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm back! ...kinda...

There is nothing more dangerous to my mind than having too much of free time. Being home alone all the time with no job and nothing to do is driving me crazy and I start to doubt myself and the whole universe.

I quit university. That program was way too easy for me  and when I caught myself correcting my English professor, that was when I realized I needed something different. Something more challenging than this. 

I got accepted to Coventry University. But due to several circumstances I won't be going there. Instead I will try to apply for another university in Latvia for Translation program. 

I would much rather do nothing at all but still get paid, lol. But I want to be successful in life so I really have no other choice than studying. Now I'd like to say that everything sucks, since I didn't get a summer job and I'm surrounded by some shady and mega-arrogant people. But then I would sound like a whiny little creature. And I don't want to be that. I just have too much free time and with that comes really bad and doubtful thoughts about me, my future, the world in general and everything around me. But I'm not saying I'm bored. I shall never be bored, since my mind itself is a crazy place. I'm filling my time by reading books, learning German and getting on my cat and dog's nerves. 
                   [Now you know How! :D ]

I also miss blogging. A lot! But for the last couple of months I found myself completely unable to write even a sentence. My life is just too boring to write about it, lol. ;D

But there have been several happy events since my last post. I'm officially 20! It feels great to say it, cause 19 still counts as a teen. But 20 is a young adult :D 

I celebrated in Lithuania. Me and my sister went on a mini trip and saw some beautiful places [I will put some pictures at the end of this post]. I also passed all my exams and finished first year with great grades. Plus, I attended an extra course of Intercultural Communication which was led by a guest-professor from USA. That was interesting and I enjoyed learning in English. Since I enjoy English more than Latvian. I can't even remember when I last read a book in Latvian, lol. Anyway, the professor will be in Latvia again in July, and we already arranged a meeting to catch up with each other.

So for now I have nothing else to do but just hope to get accepted into university, read and relax. And I should really try to have some adventures during summer, otherwise I'll go nuts! I'll figure something out, so I have some stories to tell :)

That is all, for now.
Take care, everybody :)

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