Sunday, August 16, 2015

*Something about life lessons and having fun*

If only my brain worked as well during exams as it does during those sleepless nights when million things are on my mind...

It's been a while since my last post, and as I sit in my bed, listening to Bon Jovi singing about life, I can't help but wonder what this last year was all about and what the next one has to offer.

My 3rd year of university begins in two weeks. I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited. I'm not entirely keen on studying, and thinking about tests and term papers makes me shiver, however, I am excited to see my friends and I can't wait for those crazy ideas that will make good stories afterwards. So much has happened since my last post. It's been a year. A year full of good times, great times and bad times. I've learned a lot. Not only about people, places and myself... I also learned Spanish!
I learned what real friendship is. At first I thought I learned what love is. But I didn't. Not the kind you feel for your friends, family and pets. I know all about that one. But the one you feel for someone special... that's still a mystery to me. I learned how easy it is to get used to the feeling that someone actually needs you and cares for you. I learned how easy it is to care for someone. I also learned how hard it is to accept that someone doesn't care for you anymore. The one thing I still need to learn is how to accept myself. And how to love myself. They should teach that in schools instead of math!

All in all... I'm ok!

This summer's been fun. Super fun actually. A couple festivals, some quality time with my family and friends and a summer job that put me in stitches! When you're the only female worker in a hardware store, you not only get to learn about grinding wheels and lawn mowers but you also get to hear a lot of jokes and bad pick up lines enough to write a book. But hey, I won a prank war and left that place with a huge smile on my face and an invitation to work there next summer as well. So can't really complain. And the next adventure awaits! I'm going on the ultimate road trip with my parents - 1250 miles - Germany here we come! Wish my parents good luck, because, well... I'm driving!

Take care!