Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last days in Germany and some crazy fun!

After two weeks, my trip was coming to an end. I wasn’t very happy about that, cause I loved spending time with my sister and it all was so fun. But since I have to go to school, I couldn’t stay there any longer.

But, before I left, I got to experience something crazy fun. There are many amusement parks in Germany and I got to enjoy one of them. It’s called phantasialand 

I had heard about it before and I thought it would be awesome to spend my last day with my sister there.  

So we both got dropped off at the entrance and we had all day by ourselves. The minute we entered the park it just blew our minds. It was sooo big and everything looked so beautiful. It's like a huge live fairytale. 

 [there was China town, Greek town, Mexican town and other. They were so beautiful]

The best part was that kids roller coasters were separate from adult ones. I really liked it cause no one was bothering anyone. The kids had their own side of the park and adults - the other. 

Neither I or my sister knew any of the rides so we didn't know what to expect. We just thought we'll go on every ride and after that take some pictures. NOT THE BEST IDEA... ;D when we got in the first line, only then we realized where we got into... It was the watter ride. So after that we were dripping wet and as you can imagine - we couldn't take many good pictures ;D  

[I thought it was a dragon.Turned out it was a crocodile ;D ]

The first ride was really fun and I thought HEY, I'M NOT THAT SCARED AS I THOUGHT I'LL BE... yeah... at the beginning I had a plan - we go to the easiest rides at first and leave the crazy ones last. It was kinda good idea, except when you don't know anything there, you can't really guess which are the fun rides and which are the scary ones. and JUST MY LUCK! the second ride we went to turned out to be the scariest of them all. I can honestly say - I had never in my life been so scared!  

the ride was called The mystery castle. And it was like free fall. But the atmosphere and all made it so darn scary...I had tears in my eyes and after I got out of it my legs were shaking. Now I can say-it was AWESOME! but I don't know if I could get myself in there again...

 [That tower is the scary ride]

[this was the second craziest ride]

There were so many awesome rides, and we had the best time ever! It was the perfect adventure for our last day together.

[me and my sister with an actual dragon ;D ]

So the next morning I said goodbye to my sister and those nice people, and got into a plain to go home. That flight felt two times shorter than the first one. I was sad to leave but kinda excited to go home. I missed my parents and I couldn't wait to tell them all about my trip. 

Now you know almost everything :) thanks for being with me on this journey :) you are all awesome.


Another P.S. - I have to apologize again for not being very active on blogger, but lately I've been really busy. I have school, grandma who needs help with all the work, plus I'm sick! so that sucks. But. I got a job! :) nothing fancy, but at least I have my own extra money. So now - I'm gonna go take a look at your blogs and see what I missed :)


  1. Phantasialand looks so magical. It sounds like you had such an amazing time. As always, those pictures are awesome :0)

  2. I want to go there! It looks like a blast! I'm so glad you had that time with her and had so much fun. Congrats on the job kiddo. Big hugs!

  3. 9/18 - I am posting this on everyone’s blog:
    My father has been in and out of the hospital 3 times in the past couple of weeks.
    I have not been able to visit each of you as I would have liked.
    Today, it looks as if I am going to have to take him in again so don’t expect to see any comments from me for a while longer. I WILL be back as soon as this passes, one way or another. I have several posts that should go up automatically for the next several weeks that I have held in reserve just for this occasion. kt

  4. A wonderful informative blog and those pictures are just great. Wish I was there for the children's slide, Take care of your self and good luck with your job.


  5. PHANTASIALAND LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!! I'm glad you had such a good trip. Good luck with your new job!

  6. Wow, that place looks really enjoyable! It's obvious that you had a load of fun.

  7. Elisa thanks. :) and it felt magical too!

    Melynda thanks! it was so much fun! We should go there someday ;D

    kt I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope everything will be fine! hugs sent your way!

    Yvonne thanks! I new you would like that ;D

    fishducky thanks! and it wasss sooo much fun! :)

    George thanks :)

  8. That looks like an awesome trip! So cool to spend time with your sister, mine are so faraway from me.

    Good luck with your job too!

    Have a fab week!

  9. Talei yeah it was super sweet. I hadn't seen her for half a year. thanks :)

  10. I'm actually really happy to hear you missed your parents(& I bet they missed you more). I thought it was a dragon before I read the text also. Crazy fun is something you should definitely be experiencing at your age :-).

  11. OMG OMG!!!!!! A DREAM WORLD:) SO BEAUTIFUL....i wanna go there too:)
    beautiful pics baiba:)wow!am so proud of you got a job !!!post about it:) t.c

  12. Frank and Maryy thanks :) I really missed them. but it does look like a dragon ;D they should consider different design for a crocodile haha :D

    Haritha thanks :) it was so awesome.

  13. Hello Baiba,
    I'm glad you had a lovely time in Germany, perhaps you will go again and this time you'll know which rides to go for.

    Hope you'll soon feel better and that school goes well.

    You sound like a lovely 'child'.
    Enjoy your blogging life.