Thursday, October 3, 2013

What I've been up to...

A whole month has passed. And I survived! And actually a lot has happened! And it's all good stuff. 

First of all - my sister moved back to Germany. She got an amazing offer which she couldn't pass and I'm happy for her. And I'm happy for myself as well, cause I got the car and now I have someone to visit in Germany again :)

And right before she left, we got to go to Tallinn, Estonia again to visit our friend. We had a great time - went to the cinema, ate some Sushi and had fun. And it was a double goodbye party because my friend is moving to Australia for a year.

[I already miss both of them :( ]

[on our way back home]

After we got home, my sister flew to Germany the next day!! And I'm happy for her because she's happy there :)

As for me - University is going great. I have some awesome people around me, we're studying, laughing and partying together. Sometimes we're combining those 3. I've also become good friends with my roommate. And this is a lesson I learned - once you get to really know someone - they might turn out to be great persons. Just like my roommate. And here comes the big news - I got my own room in dorms! A single room just for me. I wanted it in the very beginning. And now I'm actually only partly happy about it, because I liked living with my roommate. But on the other hand, I also like my privacy which I had none of in the double room. But no worries, I'm now living only 2 doors further. So nothing will really change.

            [This is how we studied for a test :D ]

[First poker night]

Another thing I did - I applied for a voluntary work. Starting from next week I'll be reading for people with vision impairment. I figured since I have a lot of free time, I might as well do something good :)

I also am thinking about joining the Debate club. But I don't know about that yet. 

So anyways, I'm sorry for not reading your blogs as often as I wish I could. But for the first time in a while - I've been really busy in a good way. 

Take care, everybody :)