Friday, August 22, 2014

I did things! My summer. Part 1

For someone who's not so fond of kids I've been spending quite the time with them this summer! But hey, I ain't complaining! Since this has honestly been the best summer of my life!

Because of my job I've had experiences for life! In a good way! Mostly...
I'm a Project Manager's assistant. Basically, my boss writes all these projects etc. and I have to participate in all of them and do things I wouldn't normally do. For example - attend Student's ball. I don't go to balls. Not my thing. But I had no choice since I was also organizing it. So I dolled up (or at least got as close to that as I possibly could) , got my friends with me and I actually had a blast. I love my friends. They made this whole thing a lot easier and more fun!
Ready to go!
 Some group selfies!

The next thing I had to do was organize my high school reunion. I had to make and send out invitations, contact graduates, make name tags and on the actual reunion day I had to work till midnight. And only then I could join my own classmates. But it was so much fun. Yeah I was busy working while others were already partying, but everyone came to me once in a while and even brought me some food and drinks so I had loads of fun. Hanging with my high school classmates is nothing extraordinary because even though we graduated 3 years ago, we still keep contact and have parties together. (We had one yesterday!) So we are not out of each others lives :)

So now on to the kids... Right after the reunion and right before I left to Germany, I had to work at a camp for 80 kids. Now imagine my freakout when I found out I was going to have to be in charge of 13 kids for a week! I'm not good with kids. Or at least I thought I wasn't. They freak me out. All I could think about was how awful this is going to be. They won't respect me, they'll be stuck up and rude, I won't be able to control them... KIDS!!!

The camp was called "Healthy and Active". The program was mainly about sports. They had 3 practical lessons - athletics, floorball, aerobics. And I had to guide them everywhere and be with them all day long. I had to work from 8am to 11pm every day... Since those classes were outside in the stadium, of course I got the ugliest sunburn EVERYWHERE! Everything you can possibly imagine - I had that. My face was tan except around my eyes. (thank you, sunglasses). My arms were tan except for the parts of my t-shirt sleeves. My legs were tan except for the parts of my sandal straps... basically I looked awful at the end of the week. 
As for the kids... I got the most awesome kids in the whole camp!!! Everyone was so nice and fun, and active, and polite, and respectful, and chatty! I absolutely adored them! They respected me and I respected them! Each morning they would wait for me with stories about how they spent the night or how they enjoyed the day before! I had no problems at all with my kids! 

On the last day of camp we went on an excursion and spent half the day at the seashore. At first I was nervous because they all went swimming etc. But everything went well and we had a blast!

As we returned to the camp and they had packed their stuff and waited for their parents to pick them up, they all hugged me and said goodbye and it was the nicest feeling ever! I - who does not like kids and was scared to even deal with them - was sad for it to be over! I had so much fun! And it was an amazing experience I'll never forget! And as it turns out - I'm actually quite good with kids... Who knew? LoL.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I went places! Part 2

Last day in Germany for me. To be honest - I don't really want to go home. I miss my pets and my friends. Specially one of them cause she just had a baby. (The day after I left for Germany. Sneaky little thing). But other than that I'd much rather stay here. I got to see some amazing places and attend some great events but that's a post for another day.  I gotta finish my story about London . I'm not really sure why I didn't write everything in one post cause quite honestly that was mostly the fun stuff. Now comes the more boring part, lol.

May 26. Me and my sister left London behind and went to Coventry. A town which I particularly wanted to visit for two reasons. One: one of my best friends lived there at the time, Two: I almost went studying to Coventry University so I wanted to check it out.

I hadn't seen Justīne for TWO YEARS! No need to say I missed her like crazy. Since I honestly love that girl with all my heart. And she was more than happy to see us cause no one had visited her in Coventry. She moved to UK after high school to study. Anyways, Coventry is not a big city and there's not much to do but I didn't even care. I was just happy to see my friend. So we stayed in and played cards and chatted all night long. :)

May 27. We decided to go on a little shopping spree and check out what Covetry has to offer. In the town center is a Transport Museum. The entrance is free and honestly I loved it. Me and my sister are big fans of cars and motorsports so we spent hours walking around and checking everything out.

 Justīne chilling with Postman Pat

After the museum Justīne took us on a little tour around the University campus. It is actually really modern and looks amazing! They have a huge library and The Hub is a great place for students to relax and study. I could definitely see myself studying there... Unfortunately I did not like the city itself. It's very grey and dirty. But other than that it was not that bad :)

 The Hub

In the evening we were quite exhausted so we decided to buy few drinks and watch Shawshank redemption, as it is one of my favorite movies and Justīne hadn't seen it. The next day (May 28) me and my sister had to take the bus back to London. My sister got a good laugh as we passed the Sherlock Holmes museum. I really wanted to visit it but we didn't have that much time and as we drove by it, I unconsciously put my hand on the window and stared at it with sad, googly eyes! My sister said it looked like one of those movie moments! LoL. So we got back to my friend's place near London and had a quiet night with some last chit-chat and Latvian songs in the background.

May 29. We packed our suitcases, my friend walked us to the bus station, we got to the airport and flew home.

Above the clouds of Riga

So that was our trip. All in all it was a good one. It had it's ups and downs but I really enjoyed it. I missed my friends. I miss them now! But we had a great fun together and awesome memories :) And I'm actually proud of myself and my sister because this was our first time traveling on our own and planning and finding everything by ourselves. And we survived! LoL. 

Now I gotta go pack my suitcase :( Or in other words - sit and watch my sister do the job.
Take care, everybody. See you all back in Latvia!