Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.

Finally! It's Christmas time. I've waited for it the whole year. It is a bit sad cause there's no snow this year :( I'm not used to such warm weather during Christmas. It was usually so cute, when everything was white. 

Because of that I haven't got that total Holiday spirit yet. But I hope I get it today.

I won't write anything long today, cause I have no time ;D  Me,my sister and my mom are baking all day long. And the job is not even half done. We still have to decorate the Christmas tree... busy busy day.

Because of all the holidays and stuff, I probably won't be here till next year ;D So I just wanted to thank you all for making this year so wonderful and awesome for me :) I started my blog few months ago and I never thought it would go this far. I've met so much wonderful people here and you have all made me laugh and smile and you have been there for me when I really needed it. Your advices are golden and your personalities are simply awesome. I'm so glad I've met you all :)

So thank you all so much for being amazing :)

Merry Christmas everybody and have a happy and wonderful New Year :)



Friday, December 16, 2011

If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.

wow. time is flying so fast, I don't even notice some things...

I feel bad for not blogging as often as I used to, but school has gone crazy. I had 15 tests in last two weeks. That's not normal if you ask me. BUT! apart from others, I don't really feel exhausted. yeah, it's been wild, but I don't put that much stress in all that school stuff. I just don't like how busy it makes me. 

Plus I didn't see some stuff coming ;D For example, I didn't even notice how I became really close friends with someone I've never been this close to. That's great actually. 

Another good news - my Happy jar actually works! In the last two or three months, I've had two or three bad days. [which is awesome, because I've never felt this good my entire life]. So one day when I felt really bad, I came home, and saw my happy jar. And I remembered why I created it and I started smiling, because my intentions were good when I made that jar. Besides, there's a Hitler smiley face on it, which just makes me laugh out loud. So it totally worked! I realized that I don't need to feel bad about some stupid little things. So YES! I'm happy that my silly idea works! :)

Another absolutely awesome thing - my sister is home! We just picked her up at the airport today. I'm so excited, I hope we get to do some stuff.

And another wonderful thing - on December 23rd starts Winter Holidays! and than it's two weeks off school! This is super exciting, cause I need a break from it. 

So, for those who wondered - I am doing incredibly awesome! I am smiling every single day and I'm simply enjoying life. I sure hope it stays that way. :) 
You can't stress about things you can't control! So just live life loud, with no regrets!

P.S. I promise to catch up with all your amazing blogs :)

Have a great weekend :)

Even the cat is smiling with me ;D =]

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happiness often sneaks in a door you did not think was open

The best thing about hangover - absolutely nothing. For five hours I've been drinking water and dying in my bed. But! If I feel like this today, it only means that yesterday was incredibly awesome and fun. 

I don't drink much, so I should explain to you why I did yesterday, and I hope this will be interesting for you :)

Latvia is a country with lots of interesting traditions. One of them is called NAME DAY.  You see, in each day of the callender, there are several names written. So every persone has his Name day. It's like birthday only less important, but we still celebrate it. 

And today is my Name day. My name is written all over December 4th. All day long I'm getting gifts, phone calls and text messages filled with love :)

So I celebrated it yesterday. cause I have school tomorrow and I better feel like crap today than tomorrow ;D That's why I don't drink. I hate the hangover. But I just have to survive today ;D

Oh, and by the way - my Happy Jar is overfloating! ;D My good mood hasn't dissappeard and things are actually getting better and better every day :) So if any one of you ever has a crappy day, just tell me. I have extra happiness I'm willing to share with :)