Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happiness often sneaks in a door you did not think was open

The best thing about hangover - absolutely nothing. For five hours I've been drinking water and dying in my bed. But! If I feel like this today, it only means that yesterday was incredibly awesome and fun. 

I don't drink much, so I should explain to you why I did yesterday, and I hope this will be interesting for you :)

Latvia is a country with lots of interesting traditions. One of them is called NAME DAY.  You see, in each day of the callender, there are several names written. So every persone has his Name day. It's like birthday only less important, but we still celebrate it. 

And today is my Name day. My name is written all over December 4th. All day long I'm getting gifts, phone calls and text messages filled with love :)

So I celebrated it yesterday. cause I have school tomorrow and I better feel like crap today than tomorrow ;D That's why I don't drink. I hate the hangover. But I just have to survive today ;D

Oh, and by the way - my Happy Jar is overfloating! ;D My good mood hasn't dissappeard and things are actually getting better and better every day :) So if any one of you ever has a crappy day, just tell me. I have extra happiness I'm willing to share with :)



  1. What a special day. That sounds like sooo much fun! :0)

  2. Name day. What a great idea! Glad you had fun sorry you have a hangover. those suck bad!!!

  3. Happy Name Day. You are in good company, I was out with my mates last night and am still recovering from an overconsumption of dark rum and bitter.

  4. A wonderful post, most enjoyable to read.


  5. happy name day:) i felt so happy to read your post:)one day i want to visit Latvia:)
    thankyou so much for the sweet words you left on my blog my dear friend:)

  6. Elisa oh it is so much fun! :)
    Melynda thanks and yeah...they suck! ;D
    Tony ohh I hope you get well soon ;D
    My2Pesos me too ;)
    Yvonne thanks :)
    Haritha I hope you do, we would have so much fun! :)

  7. Well if it makes you feel any better... over here in Portland Oregon I too am very hungover..... so much sympathy!

  8. omg! Name Day sounds so much fun!

  9. Steve - it does ;D it means I'm not alone ;DD

    Jesayka - yeah, it's pretty fun :)