Thursday, November 17, 2011

A true hero never dies!

EC Writes

As promised, this is my post for The Golden Sky Blogfest.

I had a really crappy day, so this post is actually what I needed. I need to let it all out, so thank you Elisa for giving me this chance. I'm also doing this to support you in every way I can :)

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I've had many losses in my life [ and I'm only 18] but it was quite easy to figure which one is the biggest of them all. It definitely is the loss of my grandfather. 

I can give you a really easy  impression of what was my grandfather like. He was one of those good old grumpy men, who acted real strict, but actually was smart, kind and loving grandfather. I spent my whole childhood with him. Back than I didn't like him. Cause he was always so strict, he made me do all kinds of work, he never pitied me and I thought he didn't love me.  

Only at the age of 13 I started realizing what he was actually doing. And then I wanted to thank him for being the best grandfather any man could ever be. he thought me how to be strong, how not to fear work or any kind of challenge. He showed me how to live life with no regrets, how to stand up for myself and fight for my rights. 

I think he is also one of the reasons why I love history so much. He got to experience World War 2, and his stories were golden! When ever I had some assignments at school, like interviews or something, I did them with him. It was so exciting, listening to his stories. I wanted him to never stop telling them. 

I was 15 years old. I still remember the day and the date when my grandfather died. How do I remember it? Because I was in 9th grade, and I had my Elementary school exams that time. It was so hard for me to concentrate in any of them. I never showed any emotions, because I didn't want to deal with this at school. I was being strong, until June 2nd. That morning, I had my Math exam at 9 o'clock. And my grandfathers funeral at 1 o'clock. That day I broke down. No one actually knows anything about how I felt or what was going through my head. Everyone just assumed I was too young to be too upset...

The sky cried that day. It was so sad and yet, so beautiful. I always talk about my grandfather as a hero. Because he truly is a hero. To me. And to me he will always live. In my heart. Cause that's where it counts the most <3



  1. Aw. I bet your grandfather is smiling down at you for this tribute to his greatness.

  2. Beautiful, Baiba. Thank you for sharing.

  3. A wonderful tribute to your grandfather! Thank you for sharing

  4. What an amazing man. He reminds me a bit of Earl. ;)

  5. Your grandfather was a very good man teaching you these principles. I am certain he is proud of you.

  6. He sounds admirable, as are you for writing such a heartfelt tribute. Reading this renews my faith in people.

  7. A beautiful tribute. You should be very proud...& I am sure he was proud of you.

  8. Thanks you all so much :) this blogfest is such an amazing event! :)

    Elisa - when I was reading your book, I thought the same thing ;D Earl really reminded me of my grandfather. :)

  9. A wonderful tribute indeed, great post.

  10. wow! what a tribute baiba:) gradparents are really special gifts of god....
    thankyou so much for your comment today:)

  11. I too remember the date of my grandfather's death: Jan. 8, 1965. He was in WWI, and was a character.

  12. It must have been very traumatic losing someone at 13 yrs, I was well in my 50s when I lost mum and husband and I felt for the first time in my life I was alone though I had children and grandchildren. Thanks for sharing your experience it made thoughtful reading.


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