Saturday, November 12, 2011

This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow's happiness grow.

WOW! It's been a long time since my last post ;D

ok, first a small update- I'm not gone or lost or abducted by aliens or any other thing that comes into your minds.
I am simply lazy and busy with school,work,family and other stuff...

BUT, Big thanks to those who wondered where I am. =]

And thanks for the nice comments you left on my [not so big] review for Elisa's journal.

I feel bad for not visiting all your amazing blogs for such a long time. I'll try to catch up with them.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to put everything in my life in complete balance. Actually now there's left only one problem to solve and then everything should be ok, but I'm quite scared to do it. Cause whenever I say NOW EVERYTHING'S TOTALLY FINE something shitty happens right after I say it... But stuff has to be done...

The other thing I've noticed - I'm doing A LOT of talking lately ;D  it's weird. When I was younger, if I got into a fight with a friend, we just talked behind each others back, or didn't talk at all and stayed mad until one of us simply starts talking and everything's forgoten. But now, whenever I get into an argument with my friends, WE TALK! ;D I know this might sound funny, but I've never actually done this in such high level.  We actually talk...about everything. About how we feel, what makes us mad and stuff...

And the part that's freaking me out, is that this one last problem I have to solve, involves this one serious conversation, and I'm terrified of it. I've been scanning this conversation through my head for six months and I still can't get it done...

On a side note: [ just so this post wouldn't be all serious and stuff] I am totally living up to my motto: LIVE FOR THE MOMENT! It is so easy for people to talk me into things! [fun things, of course] ;D Like, jump in a car after school and go on an unplanned roadtrip with friends. Cause the  spontaneous ideas are ALWAYS  the best and make the best adventures! :) So I'm living for the moment! with no regrets, and let me tell you - I'm having hell of fun! :)


P.S. HOW ARE YOU, GUYS? :) I feel so bad, for not knowing anything about what's going on with all of you :(



    Baiba, I don't know what your problem is but it's uaually (if not always) better not to let any problem simmer for 6 months. Get it out in the open. Resolve it. If it turns out to be something that can't be resolved then accept that & move on.

  2. lol!i truly love your motto baiba!thing is most the problems we think we have will simply dissolve if we follow the motto "live for the moment"
    missed your posts friend:) so happy that u r back!
    and awesome title!

    p.s hey u didnt tell me which hp character you like the most...

  3. Pleased to know all is well with you. With so much school work it's is difficult to get to blogging. Have a lovely Sunday.

  4. Fishducky thanks :) and I know,you're right, but I just can't do it... I'm scared ;D I will do it, though. soon. I promise.

    Haritha thanks so much my friend :)

    Yvonne, it shure is :( but I'll try harder :) thanks so much.

  5. I intermittently have balance ;o. Good goal.
    School, friends, family...better than blogging.

  6. Talking is such a good thing. I need to remember that in my own life :)

    I love being spontaneous. I'm so glad you're having a ball--you deserve it :0)

  7. B.McGillicutty thanks :)

    Frank and Mary I know it is, but I missed you all as well :) that makes all you almost equal! :)

    Elisa I guess it is ;D and thanks so much! :)

  8. Well, right now I have a huge hangover. :S

  9. Hey kiddo. Hadn't seen that you had done a review for E's book. Mine is up tomorrow. As for the talking thing... Keep that up. It's a sign of maturity that most people don't do. Shame on them good for you!

  10. Thanks for swinging over kiddo. You always make me smile.

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