Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Golden Sky...


I am one of the lucky ones who got to read Elisa's journal before it’s even published and I can honestly say - it is one of those things that will stay in my heart forever.

The Golden Sky is the strongest, most wonderful and heartbreaking book I've ever read. 
I don't cry while reading books. Movies get me, but not books. That was until this one. With every turn of the page I felt closer and closer to what was written in it. 

The journal is about a young couple and their struggle with the loss of their baby boy.  It shows how sometimes life can knock you down real hard. But it also shows that with faith, belief, willpower and lots of pure, unselfish love - it is possible to get back on your feet.

The Golden Sky is the first JOURNAL I've ever read and it is the best one either, because it is all true. It has real feelings, emotions and real love in it. It touched my heart and I will never forget it.


*first I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to read your journal.

*second I wanna tell you how much I respect and adore you for publishing your journal and telling everyone your story.

*and third, I want you yo know, that I think you are the most amazing person I know. It is unbelievable how unselfish and amazingly strong you are. No matter how you feel, you always put others and their needs first. You've gone through so much in your life, yet you don't complain and after all that's happened, you are the nicest human being on earth! 

I'm so happy you have a wonderful life, family and friends who keep you happy :) I hope to meet you one day  so I can tell you in person how amazing I think you are :)



  1. Baiba! You are sooooo wonderful! This review means so much to me :) Thank you--from the bottom of my heart.
    I think YOU are amazing, and I hope I'll get to meet you in person as well. I'd take you out for coffee and everything! LOL!
    Love you, girl--You're gold, pure and sweet.


  2. That was interesting. (:

  3. Well written, Baiba! I've also read it & I agree with every word you said.