Saturday, October 15, 2011

As long as you don't forgive, who and whatever it is will occupy rent-free space in your mind.

What a rush! I think universe is somehow sending all the chaos to me, cause I am a mess. Thankfully school is no longer bothering me with massive homework. The only thing for now is that I have to learn all the countries of the world til Tuesday. I have no idea how I'm gonna do it... Today was the worst day ever. My boss's [who's also my neighbour] mom broke her shoulder and I had to take her to the hospital, after that I had to take her home, plus my grandma showed up and I had to take her home too, when I got back to work, [I work at a shoe store] people had made SUCH A MESS, I didn't know where to begin. My head is hurting all day long.
Thank God I have left only one week of school 'til Autumn holidays... A week off is just what I need. 

As for the rest, let me tell you something - I am so sick and tired of caring too much for people who don't give a damn about me. As always I wanted to be a better friend/person and it just backfired at me. People still keep messing with me cause they know I will simply forgive them. I can't deal with this anymore. All my life I have put others and their problems first. I always try to help and comfort everybody. well, not anymore. I am beyond DONE! Some people just aren't worth it...

I spend too much time thinking about all this and it's killing me. So now I'm gonna stop,forgive, and forget. It's time to take care of myself. Before all this mess, I was super positive and happy. Everything was totally ok. But then people who I care about just ruined everything, cause they don't care. I want my awesome mood back. And I'm gonna get it. No matter what.


  1. If you honestly do all you can, then that's ALL you can do. There's a quote by President Kenndey's sister that I think is appropriate here: DO THE BEST YOU CAN, THEN THE HELL WITH IT!

    Take care of yourself, Sweetie!

  2. Hey girlie! I understand what you mean about people. However I want you to think about something. If you don't help, people (which is a huge part of who you are) and you don't forgive and forget, (which only hurts you) then will you truly be happy? We all have days when we say "to hell with it" like fishducky said. The quote she used was totally appropriate. You ALWAYS do the best you can. After that it's up to them.
    Don't get sucked in by what I like to call emotional vampires. You know. The people that make you feel more emotionally drained after you deal with them than before you even see them?? Be yourself and be true to your character but some people just want to suffer. You can't help them. They don't really want help. They just want to dump on you. So now that my comment is as long as your post I'll go. Just know you are better than that. One of the sweetest girls I've met in a long time. Big hugs sent your way kiddo.

  3. I hope you're having a wonderful day today :)

  4. fishducky I LOVE! that quote. thanks so much :)

    Melynda I love those long comments. I enjoy reading them. and thanks so much.

    Elisa thanks :)

    You are all so amazing. I've been having some bad days lately... But your posts and comments seriously are making my days better :)

  5. oh!sounds like you are having a tough time.... don't worry baiba.all is well:)
    and you are such a nice human being and if ppl are not understanding it they are the losers i should say.... wish i had a friend like you here at my school:)
    like your attitude.definitely you will get tat awesome mood back soon:)
    p.s ur new profile photo looks great!

  6. Haritha thanks ! :) I am feeling a lot better now. you are so sweet :)