Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's been one crazy September...

It's been a while since my last post and a lot has happened.
School is killing me with loads of huge homework but at the same time few fun things have happened in there.

There was this even called Sophomore Confirmation. It’s an event, where Juniors “welcome” sophomores to high school. And by welcome I mean make them suffer ;D
It’s kind of a tradition. I went through it once. It’s not that terrible. It’s more fun. There are A LOT of mud involved and other activities ;D it was funny to go through that but it was definitely more fun to watch it this year.  

Another fun event was Teacher’s day. It’s a day when all the teachers get special treatment and they don’t have to work. In my school teachers relax and celebrate together, while all the Seniors pair up and take over the classes.

I got the 1st graders. I was kinda terrified at first, cause I don’t like being surrounded by little children. But I got to do it with my friends, and there were only seven of those little monsters. We had to teach them number 8 and letter A. That was so funny, cause these kids are actually really smart and cute. And to suck up to them, we bought candy ;D So it all went totally well. I heard from my other friends that they went through hell with their classes. That it was a chaos.  But it all went well for me. I don’t see myself doing that ever again though ;D but it was fun.

September was crazy.  Everything happened at the same time and I still can’t settle down. I have so many things to do, it’s insane. I hope when this week passes, I will have done most of the work I have to, and I will have more time to myself and to read all your amazing blogs :)

Take care everybody :)



  1. WOW!All this sounds pure fun!!!!:) you must have had a great time....and thats so sweet ... teaching tiny tots alphabets and numbers:):)
    being the senior students and "volunteers" at school sometimes we have to take care of these "liitle monsters"..its so much fun...especially the respect they give:D
    wishing a great week ahead baiba!
    :) t.c

  2. That sounds like so much fun. I love how you describe the time with the 1st graders. You sound like me before I had kids LOL!

  3. School is really a fun time. Enjoy it.

  4. Haritha thanks =] it was so much fun ;D but I don't think I could do it ever again ;D

    Elisa thanks :) and LOL!

    Mo thanks :) I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can ;D

  5. Baiba, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. What a great idea! Teacher day! I bet the teachers love it that you guys get a day in their shoes. You got lucky. That age group is fun! Thanks for sticking with me. Sorry it's been awhile. My mom will be here for one more week then things will settle down.

  7. Teacher for day! You must have had great fun! Hope everything settles down for you soon!


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  8. omg. your school sounds soo fun. i wish we had teacher's day and sophmore confirmation. well, back in my old middle school, we kinda had something like that. it was called Scrub day because 6th graders are called Scrubs. and then the 8th graders (aka the kings and queens) would try to put the scrubs in trash cans. LOL. a bit violent, but quite funny when it's among friends.

  9. John you are welcome :)

    Melynda I'm so glad you're back! :) and it was a blast!

    Martin thanks =] I will visit it in a while, I promise!

    Jesayka it sounds soo much fun! LOL.