Sunday, November 27, 2011

When you're happy like a fool, let it take you over :)

Been a while again, but this time I've been [good] busy ;D
Some funny stuff has happened ;D 

First - my grandma broke her arm. [not really] She thinks she has broken it and for her to stop complaining, the doctor simply put it in plaster and told her to carry it for 10 days ;D

Next funny thing - I was driving home from work yesterday, when I had to stop in the middle of the street because my car ran out of fuel. And since I don't have a phone for a while, I had to walk back to the job and call my dad to come with the fuel! It was super cold and rainy, but it's funny now ;D

I tell you, there is no other person who is as unlucky as I am. But I don't think this about me in a bad way. Yes, sometimes I feel like the biggest loser in the whole wide world, but then again, I think about all the smiles and laughs these stupid situations bring me afterwards, and then I'm ok with everything. There is no better way to deal with stuff than to laugh about it.And laugh about yourself. 

For the last couple of months I've been in THE BEST mood I could ever be in. Everything is super great at school, wonderful at home and I am simply enjoying life. Of course there have been two or three bad days, but I can easily deal with them.I don't take small things too seriously. I actually came up with a solution ;D

I made a HAPPY JAR ;DD It's where I keep my extra good mood,smiles and happiness in :) And If I ever have a bad day, I'll just grab a bit of it ;D

Oh, btw, Delayed HAPPY THANKSGIVING. there is no such thing here but it was a super nice day for me as well. I got such sweet messages from my friends. I guess this day brought happiness all over the world :)

-Have a wonderful week, everybody :)



  1. Bad things happen, but we have an old saying, "Someday we'll laugh at all this." It really helps--just look at Melynda & Elisa's posts.

    You have a wonderful week, too--& a wonderful life!

  2. I LOVE the Happy Jar! That is the coolest idea ever--epic :0)

  3. I feel like I have trespassed on a young, positive, clandestine world :-).~Mary

  4. ohhhh:) i wanna meet ur granny:) so sweet she is:):D
    and WHAT AN IDEA BAIBA:) let your happy jar overflow:)

  5. The first funny thing being your granny breaking her arm, I can't top that. Brilliant.

  6. A brilliant post and a pleasure to read. keep up the good work.


  7. Hey kiddo. Really? You have the worst luck? Have you read my blog? lol I love your face missy

  8. Fishducky thanks. and yeah, I'm already laughing about everything. So it's good :)

    Elisa thanks :) I like it too ;D

    My 2 Pesos you can easyly make one ;D

    Mary thanks :)

    Haritha haha ;D shes funny. thanks :)

    Tony I think no one can top that ;D

    Yvonne thanks :)

    Melynda ok, you are on the top of that list, and I'm next ;D thanks :)