Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time to say good bye...

So this is my last post…

…Before my trip to Germany, and before school starts.
(Got you worried there for a second, didn’t I? ;D )

As much as I don’t like getting up this early (it’s 5 AM) I’m so excited this time. After few hours I will be on a plane to Germany to visit my sister. (If you haven’t read about me and her, you should check this out )

But I’m also nervous, cause I’ve never been on a plane before…this will be my first time, and I’m going on my own :/ it’s a bit scary, but still…exciting.

So I’m leaving this place:

(yeah, I know what you’re thinking OMG,IT’S SO SMALL…but cute, right? ;D )


for whole two weeks.

I will be back right on time. In Latvia school starts on September 1st. And since this is my last year of high school, and there will be all the exams and other stuff, this trip is in perfect timing. I will return completely relaxed and happy and ready for everything my last year brings for me :)

I won’t post though, during those two weeks. But I promise I’ll try to read all your posts and leave some comments. :) And then, when I’m back, I’ll let you all know how my trip was.

So take care everybody :)
See you all in two weeks :)


  1. Aww first plane rides are always fun...I remember the first time I flew and we hit a bit of turbulence and I started playing LOST in my mind lol.
    Have a safe and relaxing trip! :)

  2. Have a WONDERFUL trip! We will miss your posts!!

  3. Have a safe journey, and a wonderful time in Germany. Tell us all about it on your return.


  4. Have a ball with your sister. I hope you'll love flying. I think it's so fun :0)

  5. By now you are probably there already and having a blast! Love your face little miss. Can't believe how close you live to where I grew up. Small world. Come back relaxed and enjoy your time there sweet girl!!!

  6. omg! that's so exciting! have an amazing trip! :D

  7. Enjoy your trip. :D
    Take lots of photos.

  8. baiba!oh i am late:) hope you are enjoying germany!send my greetings to your sis:)
    p.s gonna miss your posts:(

  9. I hope you have a great trip. I always loved it on a plane after we got up above the clouds and I looked out the window and it looks like you could step right out on the clouds and and walk around. I also really like Germany. I lived there as a kid and loved exploring all the castles and palaces and of course, I ate and ate and ate. You must try some bratwurst and brochen and fanta orange soda. We used to get it from street vendors. Oh, and the chocolate. Great...now I am starving!