Monday, August 1, 2011

Laughter is a form of communication.

What can be more awesome than Sunday barbeque with friends and family?
Yesterday was soo relaxing and SUNNY! Finally, after a long long time I saw the sun ;DD


You know how they say that laughter is the best medicine, and that those who laugh will live longer? Well...I don't wanna brag, but I think I might be immortal ;DD

I spend 90% of my life laughing. Yeah it’s kinda awesome, but  also insane ;D sometimes I laugh for so long, my jaw hurt ;D

So why I brought this up? Because I remembered yesterday.

I’ve started my career as a personal driver for my whole family ;D And yesterday I took my dad to the store to buy some groceries. We needed some tomatoes so being a good child ;D I went to get some. When I put the fourth tomato into the bag, I asked my dad:"Will 4 be enough?" Imagine my surprise, when I turned around and it wasn’t my dad standing next to me, but a total stranger. The second I realized my dad wasn’t even near me, the old man said:„I think you should put in two or three more. You know how much I like tomatoes”. I smiled and said:„Ok, but I’m not taking the big ones .” and then we both just burst out laughing.

This kind of things happens to me and my family all the time. I think they happen to every one of us.
But I gotta say, I just LOVE it

 When an awkward moment makes two complete STRANGERS laugh TOGETHER in the middle of the store

Don't you? :)




  1. lol Those are great moment indeed. I will have to write about the time I grabbed a perfect strangers butt thinking it was my husband. Imagine his surprise and mine when he turned smiling thinking it was his wife and I thinking it was Phil! Both of us just cracked up.

  2. Oh btw. If you want a good laugh at me go read today's post. It is ridiculous.

  3. Brilliant! I take every opportunity to laugh so here's to living forever!

  4. Well, Hello!

    It seams that we have a few things in common.

    First of all I agree with your take on laughter. However, I believe that the crazy gal above, her partner in crazy (The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom), Facing 50 with Humor and myself are ahead of you in line for immortal.

    Let me say that I enjoyed your post and you have a great grasp of the English language. I know that is not the national language, so where did you learn English? (Let me know on my comment section).


  5. This reminds me of an insident many years ago when my daughter was about 10 yrs, She was mad on dancing especially disco dancing, One day we went to the supermarket and she began to dance down the asiles so whilst I was looking in the freezer I said this to here"Donna, if you don't stop dancing I'll take you home, put you to bed and slap your bum" a strange voice said "That's the best offer I've had all day" I looked round to a complete strange man........Donna was dancing somewhere else. Was my face red.

  6. Melynda LOL! I've had many of those moments but they all involve only talking. No touching yet ;D
    Princess So do I! I guess we will all live for a long long time ;D
    kt I sure hope I'll catch up with you ;D and thanks for your follow :)
    Yvonne That is hilarious :D

    These moments are so awesome ;D and the best part is that everyone has their own story :)

    I think we all should put those moments together and make a big book ;D it would be the funniest book in the whole world :D

  7. I love those awkward moments. They could turn a horrible week upside down. :)

  8. HI BAIBA!!!i have an award for you:) acccept it please

  9. This is awesome! It made me laugh so hard :0) I LOVE it.

  10. thanks for you comment missy.. Now go pick a post you really liked so i can re-write it and if you are the only one that picks it I will incorporate a Baiba's choice in the title. :)

  11. Dee they sure can ;D
    Haritha thank you so much for the award :)
    Elisa I know right? ;D I live for those moments ;D