Saturday, July 30, 2011 maybe you can cure everything with a smile ;D

So yesterday I was feeling kinda sad… but I spent all evening watching awesome movies and they sure did cheer me up.
Plus, special thanks to Elisa and Melynda :) you two make me smile no matter how sad I am. Thank you sooo much for that.

Basically I wanted to watch a bunch of movies, cry a little and think about some stuff… but ended up watching only two movies that totally changed my mood. Why? You might ask…I don’t know ;D well, I know about one of them. It’s the „Mamma Mia”. That movie I could watch 24/7 just because I love ABBA. I love every single song (I’m kinda addicted to that kind of music) and I like to sing along. Plus it’s such a sweet movie, it can cheer me up no matter what.

The other movie I watched was „Stranger than fiction”. If you haven’t seen this one I most certainly suggest you to. It is so awesome.  It simply makes me think about life, the real meaning of it…  I usually watch comedies or romantic comedies, but this is more like… Drama…but I love it. I don’t even know why I like it so much. Can’t really explain. But I think it’s an awesome movie.

So that’s all it takes to cheer me up. Some sweet comments from you, and few amazing movies. Today I feel ok. I still have to deal with few problems and sad stuff, but I feel much better and stronger today. :)

And I promise I’ll write something normal soon ;D

Take care,


  1. Normal? Well that's no fun. :) Your welcome. Sometimes life can get you down but you keep your head up and you'll be fine. Well don't keep your head turned to the sky if it's raining to much or you'll drown like a turkey. You know what I mean. Glad you are in better spirits. Btw Mama Mia is my daughters and my favorite movie also. We laugh every time!

  2. Laughter and smiles go a long way in life though I admit this last week has not been too good, fist I got hay fever (high pollen count) then my blog has been playing up. Have a lovely Sunday.


  3. The Hippie's favorite movie is "Mamma Mia." I bet the two of you would get along so well.

    I told my girls about you and your sister. When my girls grow up I hope they'll love each other as much as you and your sister do.

  4. "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy
    enough people to make it worth the effort."
    -Herm Albrig

    I'm glad you're feeling better. :)

  5. Melynda thanks for everything :) and yeah I love that movie too :)
    Yvonne thanks :)
    Elisa I sure hope someday I'll have the chance to meet you all :) and I hope your girls will get along just fine when they grow up
    Dee I love that quote. thanks :)

  6. Ok...I loved Mama Mia too. I couldn't believe how good Meryl Streep still looks. She must be over 50.

    However, yes, a smile can cure almost everything. There was a study years back where a group of individuals were required to keep a pencil (horizontally) in their mouths for long periods of time. Over all these people (compared to a control group) were measurably more happy. Why? Well, I am glad you asked. You see, carrying the pencil in their mouth made their facial muscles tell the brain that they were smiling therefore happy. Cool, huh!

    Thanks for following. I am following you back just to see how you are doing. Also, I love having followers in other countries. And, I think you are my youngest follower so that intrigues me too.

    I only post on Mondays because I am taking care of my 100 year old father 24/7/365 and he is becoming a lot of work.

    Keep writing, keep smiling and if you have any responses to my comments just put them on my comment page. kt