Monday, July 18, 2011

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.

Oh men. Haven't been this happy since I got my first toy car. Except now I can replace it with the real one. I PASSED MY DRIVING EXAM TODAY!! wohoo! watch out world, I'm on the road! lol.

I'm so proud of myself  (mommy and daddy are too;D ) this is my biggest achievement so for. This just shows I can do whatever I want. If I try hard enough, I can achieve anything.

Last week I was busy and tired... Felt like I've lost my inspiration and strength, but boy do I feel awesome now!!! ;D 

I missed all your nonsense and crazy funny stories! I promise I'll read them all, but now I'm gonna go eat some cake and later take my car out for a spin :):) have to celebrate, you know?! :D

Take care everybody :)

P.S. my friend David just started a blog,and I'm being a good buddy,so take a look :)


  1. you are soo lucky! I can't wait until I can finally drive. >.<

  2. Congratulations on passing your test, Happy driving.


  3. Hey thanks Baiba)) Your a totally rad buddy for trying to help me out)) I cannot thank you enough))

  4. hey baiba!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! y dont you post some pics of you driving the car!!!:)i wanna see it:)

  5. *Dee - thanks :)
    *Jesayka - oh it was such hard work ;D but totally worth it :) good luck to you girl. ;)
    *Yvonne - thank you :)
    *David - you are very welcome, my friend ;D ;) wish you all the best with your blog.
    *Haritha - thanks. Someday I maybe will post some pictures ;D I have to get used to being a driver first ;D
    *Elisa - thank youuu :)

  6. I tried to comment on this last night but it wouldn't let me :( Anyway... CONGRATS! What an achievement! I'm so proud of you!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog so frequently..

  7. *Melynda - thankkss :) I missed your stories, but I read every single one I missed :)

  8. Hey girl, alright now I'm gonna tell you the same thing I just told Haritha. WRITE. lol I'm old you thus it is your responsibility to keep me young. Chop chop.