Thursday, July 21, 2011

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

yeah. Last few days I have been driving... ;D my grandma is already using me as her driver ;D At the beginning it was soo scary to go on the road alone, but I got used to it pretty fast.  Of course the first night I had to listen to a half hour lesson from my dad, about where to drive, how to drive, where the roads are bad...(like I didn't already know it ;DD )

My parents give so much, but they never ask for anything back. And yes, maybe it is good, but I will tell you a story which made me and my sister totally mad.

This summer isn't an exception. My parents will always do whatever it takes to give me and my sister everything we need. Yeah, I spend more of their money and trust then my sister does, but I'm the youngest kid, so I'm allowed to do that :D 

They paid for my driving school and my upcoming trip to Germany. They want us kids to have all amazing experiences we can get. And it is awesome that they do that, but it is also so annoying that they can't accept a gift full of thank yous. 

My sister (being an awesome and thankful kid) sent me money and asked me to do something. I had to put it into an envelope and give it to mom and dad. It was for them. For a trip to Sweden with a cruise ship. And it was like a huge envelope of "thank you mom and dad for always giving me everything and being so awesome"

I thought it was totally nice of her. I obviously can't do that, cause I'm not working, but it was nice of her to give them such ticket to relaxation. 

It all seemed nice, until I passed the envelope to them... 

My dad's reaction was "Wow, thanks, but we are not that poor, we can afford it ourselves..."
I got mad already...
Then my mom said "It is nice, but you know I don't like when you spend your money...on things like this."

I got so damn mad, I can't even explain it. I told my sister this and her reaction was the same as mine. This gift wasn't about being poor or rich, or spending money or something like that. It was about the fact that they always give us, and this was the one time my sister wanted to give something them... And all they needed to do was say THANK YOU VERY MUCH , take the envelope and shut up. but nooo, they couldn't do even that... after I yelled at them and my sister yelled at them, (and I threatened them that my sister won't ever come home if they keep acting like that ;D ) they finally accepted the gift, got over themselves and finally shut up :D 

So now they know that they can't mess with us. And that it is ok not to only give but to take once in a while. :)

Raising parents is so hard... LOL. :D



  1. You are a wonderful daughter who wants to give her parents a bit back of what they have given you. I wish my son was like you but enough said about him, my other two are very good although one lives in Spain I know I can visit anytime and I would be made welcome.
    Glad to hear your driving is going good,
    Take care and be happy.

  2. I have had my license for over a year. My mom refuses to let my drive on my own. I think I've driven on my own like twice.
    But yeah, my parents sound a lot like yours. They only want the best for me and my brother. :)

  3. you are truly a lucky and good girl:)
    "Raising parents is so hard..."ha ha ha ha:D

  4. I love that "Raising parents is hard." lol It's true!

  5. Hey munchkin. It is hard on a parent to accept that their kids are growing up and want to spend their money on THEM.Their first thought was probably that she needed to save the money in case she needed it and how they would feel bad taking then needing it later. Next time you two just book their passage and give them the tickets. Then it is a done deal. I love that last line! So true.

  6. Have I told you how much I enjoy your comments on my blog? :) If not I really enjoy your comments on my blog. lol

  7. *Yvonne - thanks, and I'm sure things will work out for you :)
    *Dee - my dad didn't look so happy about letting me drive alone, but he had to get used to it :) I'm sure your mom will too :)
    *Haritha - thanks :)
    *Elisa - I know, right? :D
    *Melynda - yeah I know they think so, but they should learn to accept gifts sometimes ;D and we figured we will already buy tickets next time, lol :D AND I enjoy reading your posts just as much your comments :)

  8. Honey, you're blessed. <3