Thursday, July 7, 2011

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.

Yesterday just when I entered the kitchen, my mom was holding my dirty glass and asking WHO’S GLASS IS THIS? Of course I giggled, told NOT MINE and ran away :D
But you know…she’s my mom. She already knew it was mine before she even asked.  And that’s when I started to think about habits. Every single person on earth have some habits. Some are good, some funny, some are bad, for example : drinking, smoking, biting :D

The fact is that everyone has at least one good and one bad. And then I started to think about mine.

So my bad habits are:
  1. I leave dirty dishes in the kitchen. (I know it’s bad, but I just hope someone will take care of them :D )
  2. My clothes are everywhere except the closet.
  3. I have too much stuff I don’t need, but they are good so I just can’t throw them out.
  4. I get bored with things really fast.
  5. I say what I think. ( I didn’t know where to put this, to the good or bad ones, but mostly when I’m honest, people get mad or upset by the truth, so I put it in the bad list)
  6. Sometimes I use people for my own good. (but I think everyone do it. I’ve been used, and yes, I’ve used. It’s not good, I know, but sometimes these things just happen)
  7. I don’t trust people very much. (also not good, I know. Sometimes I’m too  protective of myself and don’t let people too close. But I believe that the ones who will really want to, they’ll get to me :) )
  8. I forgive people way too easy. Sometimes they don’t even say „I’m sorry” cause they know I’ve already forgiven them.
And now I’m surprised that the BAD list turned out so long :D but at least I admit it all. And I’m gonna try to figure the same number of the good ones. Actually I don’t know if there are GOOD habits. More like funny or random.

So my random habits are:

  1)Every night I turn on the music before I go to sleep. (I can’t sleep without it)
  2)I always make my friends laugh (even when I’m mad I usually say something that makes them laugh)
  3)When I’m at home, I always have big glass of water with ice cubes and lemon in it by my side. (my parents probably don’t like it cause that’s where all the glasses come from. Plus, my ideas are so bizarre sometimes, they just think I’m crazy. Like this one time it was sooo hot and I got tired of filling my glass every five minutes. So I had to find a solution, which I did. I took this big flowerpot I don’t use, filled it with ice,water,added a lemon juice, put a straw in it and my big glass was ready. Of course everyone was laughing, maybe thinking I was weird :D but I was happy)

here's how it looked ;D

  4)I support and help people I love (I always try to be as good friend as possible to people I care about)
  5)I like foreigners :D (I know this seems crazy, but I get excited every time I meet someone who’s from another country :D i just want to talk to them, get to know them…)
  6)Every time I brush my teeth, I look in the mirror and smile at myself. :D (I just like to look at how clean they are)

Ok, so the good list is much shorter than the bad one :D but that’s all I can think of for now.
So these are my habits. Some I’m not proud of, some I actually like. Cause they are mine and I think habits are parts of our personality. And because of them each one of us is different.

So how about your habits? Good/bad, I’d love to hear about them :)




  1. Here's for your good list. You are kind hearted, sweet, generous, beautiful and your humor is contagious. You make me smile every time I come over here.
    Believe it or not I have similar habits. I am waay to honest and you are right people don't always appreciate honesty. I smoke. thats my big no no. Don't do it. I laugh all the time and cry in private. Generally a big goof ball. I could go on but this is your post not mine. lol

  2. I think the "good list" is incredibly awesome :0)

  3. You are a kind, sensitive person who cares for others and probably let people take you for granted, you see I have the same habits but that's us. Your good habits out weigh you bad.

    Take care,

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  5. omg!! your bad habits are exactly the same as mine!! Lol. Especially number 1. I just really don't like doing the dishes. :P

  6. hey baiba!!! wonderful post...and the 5th one in the bad habit list is actually good.i admire such ppl:) and the 8th one - same here .the flowerpot idea was brilliant:)

  7. Thanks everyone :) I'm glad I'm not the only one with such habits, lol :D