Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun!

Today is July 5th. Nothing really special about this day, except that exactly three months ago I published my very first post!

I still remember how a bit scared I was. I don’t usually start something new I’ve never even tried before, and blogging was definitely one of those things. I remember when I published my first post, I figured no one will read it anyway, so why even try, and I deleted it. Than after two days I decided I was acting silly and I should at least  try, so I republished it and I’m glad I did.

I’ve been here only for three months, and I still feel like a newbie, cause I still don’t know how some things work in here :D but I have to say I’m so happy to be here. During these months I’ve met some really awesome, nice, funny people.  I always enjoy reading your posts, and the comments you leave at my blog are simply wonderful and I read every single one of them with excitement and smile on my face :)
It’s like I have friends who I don’t even know, but  trust  :) It’s amazing how people on blogger can tell stories and things they don’t even tell some of their closest friends. I know it’s like that with me. People here are more fun and supportive than people around me and I’m glad I’ve met you all :)

Another awesome thing – few weeks ago I received my very first blog award!!! :):):)
You can’t even imagine how happy I am. When I first found out, I couldn’t stop smiling for days ;D

 It's The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

The rules are:
1.Copy and paste the award to your blog
2.Thank the person who nominated you
3.Share seven random facts about yourself
4.Pass the award to 5 deserving blogging buddies


2. Thank you SO SO SO MUCH Talei for giving me my first blog award! I'm really really happy :)

3. I'm weird so seven random facts aren't hard to figure, lol.
     1)I like rubber chickens (they simply make me laugh)
     2)My favorite animal is a raccoon
     3)I have a disco ball in my room. (it has no use, but it looks cool :D )
     4)I sleep with half blanket on. (cause with it it's hot, without it it's cold)
     5)I like all kinds of music except heavy metal. (I'm a fan of pop,rock,house,80s,90s...)
     6)I will never say NO to chocolate (or anything covered in it)
     7)I have the gift of making people smile (and mostly laugh ;D )

4. I know some of you may have already got this award, but it is something really special for me, so I would like to pass it to my five favorite friends, who have been here for me, leave the most awesome-st comments, write the best blogs and put smile on my face almost every single day :)

So I'm passing my first special sweet award to:

Yvonne @ Welcome To My World Of Poetry  
Haritha @ Blue Rose                     
Melynda @ Crazy World                   
Elisa @ The Crazy Life Of a Writing Mom 
Jesayka @ Life As I Know It             

So today I'm gonna celebrate my 3 month blogging anniversary :D

Thank you all for being so awesome :)
Take care,


  1. Thank you very much for the award and congrats on you recieving it first, well deserved. I do enjoy reading your blogs.
    Here's to the next 3 months and good luck.


  2. aww you're so sweet! Thanks so very much and congrats on getting it too! <3

  3. Thank you soooo much! You're a doll. Oh and I've listed your blog as the featured blog of the month on my sidebar ;)

  4. Hello you little darling that made my day! Happy 3months. I started blogging thinking no one would want to read what I write also. It was a writing exercise and look what happened with my blog. Never fear trying something new and stepping out of your box. You are kicking butt at this and I love what you are doing. Thank you for your award. I don't play the award game very well but in tomorrows post I will thank you publicly and send some folks your way. Keep going girl you are wonderful.

  5. Btw is that you in front of the Eifel Tower? I used to live about 30 min from Paris and I can't count how many times I've been there.

  6. You are all very welcome :)

    You're so amazing :)

    And Melynda - yes, it's me. The most amazing trip I've ever been to :)

  7. Woo hoo! Congrats again and also to everyone else you passed the award to!

    I think thats a great gift you have, everyone should smile more often, it just makes the days a whole lot better!

    Have a lovely week! ;-)

  8. THANKYOU BAIBA! and congrats you truly deserve it!7 random things about you are cool:)
    thankyou so much once again!

  9. :)and hey your header picture is awesome!i luvd the "eifffel tower" pic the most!