Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do all little girls dream about the same things?

If you ever think HEY,THAT GUY ON TV FLIPPED THOSE PANCAKES SO COOL, WHY DON’T I DO THE SAME WITH MY OMELET?! My suggestion is – if you’re not a pro flipper, DON’T EVER DO THAT. Otherwise you’ll end up like me – cleaning the stove, the walls, the floor and yourself. ;D

Thank God I don’t have to cook that often, cause I would probably spend most of the time cleaning the kitchen ;DD

Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook. Just not every day. I don’t like making those regular meals. That job I leave to my mom. But once in a while I find some interesting recipe and I try it out. I love to cook something new and never tasted. I don’t know how well I make those foods, but my family always eat everything. I think they are just being nice ;D Or maybe the food isn’t that bad, who knows ;D

When I was younger I wanted to be a pro chef. But then again, I also wanted to be a doctor and a hairdresser and many other things ;D
But, whats weird, when I was a little girl, I NEVER wanted to be a princess or a ballerina, like most girls these days. At one point I wanted to be a sportswoman.

Now when I look at little girls, they are dressed in pink, with curls in their hair and they talk about how they want to be princesses…
I don’t like pink color now and didn’t even then. I was running around with boys playing some games. I was even teaching my cousins how to throw somersaults, which was silly cause they are 7 years older than me ;D

So…was it strange? Were I the only little girl who didn’t dream about becoming a princess? Or were there others like me? ;D           



  1. You are not the only one that didn't want to be a princess. I was always a tomboy and my girls are, too. Much more interesting, I think, than someone sitting around in a puffy dress waiting for a non-existent prince to make their life better. As far as the pancake/omelet flipping- that is just some fancy trick they do to make us feel inferior and totally unnecessary. My omelets usually look like roadkill, but they are oh so yummy!

  2. hey baiba!i too am one of your kind:))!!!!!!! and guess you are simply enjoying cooking (cleaning):)
    just joking. i believe that you are a great cook:)

  3. I never wanted to be a princess. My playmates were my brothers and cousins (boys also) so I was much more into playing army or cowboys or climbing trees. However I will say this, I always wanted a houseful of kids. So I guess even though I was more boyish on many things I still had my girly moments. Now I love my houseful of kids mine and others, and I love to clean. I always wanted to be a veterinarian lol

  4. No princess dreams for me either. Not high enough! My husband lists my occupation on our tax return as "Domestic Goddess" & we would NEVER lie to the IRS.

  5. I sent you an ecard--it will say it's from Fran Fischer.

  6. I love watching chefs on TV. And I used to dream about being a . . . televangelist LOL!!! I wasn't into pink either, but why did I want to be a televangelist? So silly ;)

  7. wow, I actually thought I was one of the rare girls who didn't want to become a princes ;D But there are many of us ;DD

    Fishducky LOL! thanks for the ecard ;D it's perfect for me ;D

  8. that reminds of the time when I actually wanted to become a policeman. well in my case police woman.

    oh and, i can't cook to save my life. >.< I burn everything I touch. :P

  9. My daughter was a proper tomboy, didn't like dresses or dolls, also my 10 yr old grand daughter is the I guess not all girls want to be a princess.
    Have a good day.

  10. Nope, you are not alone. When I was 8 I could shoot the flame off a candle with a BB gun at 50 paces.

    I hate to cook! I have this expression that I use whenever someone asks me to cook something for them: "I don't cook for people I love" kt

  11. 8 and 9 were my favorites too. That was so fun to write. haha. Glad you got a giggle.. thanks for being so faithful to stop by. It really means a lot to me. Btw my Meaghan said you are crazy if you think you are fat and she thinks you are smart and funny and very pretty. She's jealous of your hair. haha

  12. Jesayka I hope you won't ever touch me, lol :D

    Yvonne thanks :) and then your daughter was a lot like me :)

    kt LOL! ;D and yeah, I like to cook...but i don't let anyone count on it ;DD

    Melynda you have seen only pictures with my head ;D you don't know the rest :D and thanks to Meaghan :)

  13. thankyou baiba, for the independence day wishes:):)

  14. I am serious about her but I was trying to be funny too so I'm glad you got a laugh. Good news is she is actually starting to lose a little weight. I might be able to save this dog from herself after all haha

  15. Well, I guess Monday comes earlier for you than for me. Imagine my surprise when I found you already commenting.

    ALL, cats are crazy. it is just that each one is crazy in a different way. That is one of the reasons I like them so much. Have a great day......kt

  16. Haritha you're welcome! :)

    Melynda you sure did a good job at being funny ;D

    kt mine is super weird ;D but I love him anyway ;D

  17. Sorry I was having a moment today. i'll be back tomorrow with something better! lol