Thursday, September 1, 2011

When you say goodbye to one place, it's a hello to other :)

I am finally back! :)

First - I wanna say a huge THANKS to all of you who wished me a good trip :) it sure was.

Second – I apologize for not commenting your blogs. I sure missed them and I promise I’ll try to catch up with everybody :)

Today is the first day of my last year of high school. Can’t say that I’m totally excited… I don’t wanna wake up early and then spend half a day in classrooms, but I missed some of my classmates and knowing them and knowing me – this will be fun.

Also I have returned from my trip to Germany, and I feel totally relaxed and I’m filled with positive energy and happines. But I don’t wanna be selfish, so I’m sending you all a big big smile :) and happy,positive thoughts.

I promise I’ll tell you about my trip, I just have to unpack my bags, settle at home a little bit, and I’ll be ready to tell you all about it :)

Special note to Elisa – I will start today! And I’ll let you know when I finish. :) I hope you know what I’m talking about ;D

Have a nice day, everybody :)


  1. GREAT!!!!!!!!! Eagerly waiting to know about the trip:) but first relax:)
    welcome back baiba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. and wonderful title as usual,as always positive:)

  3. Great to have you back and pleased you had a good time.

    Have a nice day(if possible)

  4. Welcome back! And I can't wait to hear about your trip to Germany!

  5. WELCOME HOME!! Can't wait to read your posts about your trip!

  6. Welcome home sweet girl! Sure did miss your cheery comments. I'm glad you had a great time and can't wait to read all about it!!

  7. You're back. I hope you had an AMAZING time. Congrats about high school. OH and thanks for letting me know. You are soooo sweet!