Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day one

Although I was flying for the first time,I thought I’ll be more nervous or something…but my surprise was,that I wasn’t nervous at all. Since this was kinda big of a deal, I thought my stomach will be turning around and I’ll have that weird feeling which I have when I’ve had too much chocolate ;D
But the minute I said goodbye to my parents, joy and excitement took over every other feeling I had. This was a big deal for me. I was all alone on my journey. And I was actually proud of myself for being so calm.

Now I can honestly say – I love flying. The view is gorgeous.The clouds look like cotton candy and the best part was that no matter how rainy it was down there, my face was filled with sunshine that was rushing through that small window. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was that my ears were popping out and I heard everything around me in six different keys.

So my flight was safe,beautiful and I survived it. But before that I got to laugh at how much of an idiot I am :D I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t do something ridiculous.

I said goodbye to my parents and went through the metal detector. The night before I was so worried about that thing beeping, that I even took out that little metal piece in my scrunchy and simply tied it together. Then I was moving forward, past all the little stores to my gate. When I got there I saw a crowd getting in a line and I thought HEY, I’LL STAND IN THAT LINE TOO. I’LL BE ONE OF THE FIRST PEOPLE WHO GETS IN THAT PLANE. After I had been standing there for about 20 minutes, I heard the magical voice that said there was another plane before mine that was stopping to the same gate. So I thought DAMN, THIS ISN’T EVEN MY LINE. And I simply walked away, sat and waited for my line. After about half an hour I heard the magical voice again that said my plane was here…

That’s when I realized, it WAS my line. And I had stupidly went out of it… Now there were about 130 people standing before me. I was one of the last people who got in that plane. But I still got the window seat.

Later I was laughing about how silly I was. I could have simply asked someone in that line where they were flying, but nooo. I am so darn shy I can’t even talk to people ;D

But, everything turned out good. I arrived, hugged my sister,said hi to the people she’s living with and settled in.

So that was the first day of my trip. Exciting, silly but still awesome. I was proud of myself for going into this journey all by myself and not freaking out even a bit. 

I was ready for adventures and relaxing :)



  1. I can get shy sometimes too. It can be hard talking to strangers ;)

    I LOVE flying. Isn't it so fun.

  2. I'm so glad it went well for you munchkin. I have the same problem with my ears. What I do is chew gum or yawn really big. Both of those things help with the pressure in your ears. What an adventure you had. How's school going?

  3. wow!!!that was beautifully described:) great!!! and ya i too am like you:)sometimes shy of talking to strangers:)

  4. Hi, sweetie.......You did great. Even a seasoned flier like me makes the same mistake.

    And, about your ears popping. Just be sure you have a stick of gum the next time you fly.

    And Kiddo.....Isn't life grand! There are all kinds of firsts out there for you. And, you did an excellent job describing the flight. I liked the part about the sun and the rain.

    Also, I am fine now and even serious stuff can be funny. It is just that I refuse to let life get me down. It is always an interesting often funny adventure............. as long as you look at it as that.


  5. Elisa yeah, but usually I can talk easily to them. I just don't know what was wrong with me ;D

    Melynda yeah, now I know ;D and Schools actually great! :)

    Haritha thanks :) I guess we all sometimes are :)

    Kt ahh, thanks :) I love your view on life :)and I'm glad you're feeling better now :)

  6. hahaha that line incident sounds silly but it happened to me too before! :) hahaha so ever since then I always keep this in mind "when in doubt, ask!" :D and besides they're strangers, you'd remain anonymous! :))

    have fun with your journey :)


  7. Sometimes I find it easier to talk to strangers than to people I'm close to. Strangers are probably not going to judge you--& if they do, who cares? You're never going to see them again.

    WELCOME BACK! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!!

  8. V it really is silly :D I laughed about myself for a long long time ;D and thanks :)

    Fishducky I usually love talking to strangers, I don't know what was wrong with me ;D and thanks so much :)

  9. I was terrified of flying all my life until 10 yrs ago. I wanted to meet a friend in Ireland but didn't like the sea so I bravely booked a flight and was most suprised. There's no stopping me now.
    Pleased you had a pleasant trip.

  10. I'm not keen on flying, I'm not afraid although everytime I land I have a slightly weird feeling that I've cheated death again.

  11. Yvonne thanks, and i'm glad yu are enjoying it now :)

    Tony I know what you mean. I had that feeling too ;D