Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day two,three,four and so on...

To let you understand what it’s like there, I have to tell you little about my sister.

Seven months ago she came to Germany to work as a nanny for a little boy. It was kinda hard to believe cause she had NEVER been with kids for more than few minutes. She never babysit or play with kids. So imagine my surprise when she told me she was going to Germany to work as a babysitter.

Anywho… this family she lives with is simply awesome. The mother is Latvian, so it is easy to communicate. But the father is German. That’s good, cause now my sister speaks German. Of course it isn’t that good for me, cause they can all make plans on how to get rid of me, sitting next to me, and I won’t understand a thing they are saying ;D

The little boy is just the cutest little fellow. Of course there were times when I want to use some duct tape on him…esspecially his mouth, but besides that he’s cute and sweet.

[I just love this picture.And he loved my sunglasses.He actually loved everything that was mine ;D ]


Still, my first days were pretty awkward. I don’t know how about you, but I don’t feel very comfortable living in other people house, so it took some time to get used to it. Everything was different, I didn’t know what I could touch, use or even look at…Are there any special seats on the couch or something like that…so I felt a bit uncomfortable the first few days.

But, everyone was so nice to me and I slowly started feeling ok.

Since everyone there is busy, we didn’t get to go to massive excursions, but, I didn’t go to Germany for that reason. I wen’t to relax and see my sister.

Mostly we went for a walk. It wasn’t boring even for a bit, cause I always had something to talk about with my sister and that little kid did not stop even for a minute.
 This city is so lovely. It looks like one of those cute little villages on movies,with very tight streets and an ice cream shop in the middle. And it is surrounded by the river and corn fields ;D

[Btw – real Italian ice cream is THE BEST ice cream in the world!]

 [he came to save me from corn ;D ]

[ Beer garden! It is actually a simple pub with cool sign ;D ]

[This path along the river is soooo long and the best part is that is is made for everyone - pedestrians, cyclists etc.]
Everything there is so cute and clean, and relaxing. Plus, people there are so nice. I’m used to rude Latvians who even look at you with evil eyes when you go by. But in Germany everyone is so nice and polite. In stores they are fighting about who will let who go first in the line. And when we were walking – cyclists, who were passing by, said Hello. How sweet is that?

That was one of the reasons why I didn’t want to come home… cause it simply brightens my day when a complete strangers is being nice to me :)



  1. I loved visiting Germany when I was a kid. It was always such a treat.
    I'm glad you relaxed and enjoyed your time. Little kids can be a handful but always funny, just like you sweet girl. Have a great day. Thanks for sharing these great photo's.

  2. It sounds like you had such a wonderful time. I love the pictures ;) That little boy is darling!

  3. What a cutie of a little boy. the pictures are awesome. I agree it is difficult living in someone else's home but after a few days things are usually ok.
    Enjoyed your post very much.Thanks for sharing.


  4. Thanks you all :) he sure is a cutie :) and I had an amazing time :)

  5. wow!!!!it must have been real fun :)and the little boy is too cute:)
    all the pics are coooooool:)

  6. aww what a cute boy! :) hahaha I also feel the same way when I'm staying in the house of some people, define awkward. but the good thing is, you're with your sister! I wish I have one :P

  7. Haritha it sure was :) thanks ;)

    -V- yeah it was awkward first ;D and you don't have one? :/ it's pretty cool to have a sister :)