Sunday, September 9, 2012

1 week down, 39 more to go

University is going to suck!

 -That's what I said a month ago, and yet, I partly stick to that sentence. Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad. Some lectures are really interesting and even fun. Although I see nothing fun in philosophy other than the fact that the professor calls all the women "madams" and most of the lecture he's talking with his eyes closed. 

The part that I don't like is the people. Some stuck up snobs who has nothing but their parents money to keep them in school. I've said several times that I really dislike arrogant people. And I have several of them in my course. And the thought of having group assignments is terrifying. I can't work with people like that. And the worst part is that they talk when nobody asks, but they are quiet when it's necessary to speak their mind! 

but, despite that, I'm here with my sister and I'm having fun most of the time :) 
I'm learning German. And I feel like in kindergarten, learning numbers and letters ;D but I'm progressing fast! :) 

Studying at University takes hard work, and I think my laptop will explode eventually :D And since I'm a total wimp, I miss home and my dog and cat and mommy and daddy :D

Basically, the first week is over and I hope the rest of them fly like the wind. I want this year to be over as soon as possible.

And I realized two things - University is not for me...Tourism, however, totally is :)

Take care,


  1. Believe me when I say that college is a huuuge adjustment because of the people! You're not used to them and it's hard to feel people out. I had a lot of trouble making friends in classes the first year. Once you find one good person, that's all that you find matters. It's also nice that your sister is there! Hang in there, it will get better! :)

  2. Stick it out! In today's world, you NEED your university degree!!

  3. Hi long time no see. Studying is always a bit of a chore but just think when you have your qualifications, Great about your sister being there at least you have someone, Have a good week.

  4. Dear Baiba, leaving home for the first time and starting a new life at college takes a lot of courage and patience. Patience with yourself and with the world around you. Being open to new possibilities will, I believe, bring you contentment and happiness as those weeks wing past. I so hoping that for you. Peace.

  5. Take your time and slow down. When I moved from France to America for college it was hard and I was homesick. After all everything and everyone I knew where an ocean apart. Soon though you make friends and things fall into place. I'm thinking of you girl. You can do this.

  6. Oh, good luck! First week, first year - will fly! Enjoy as much as you can, its hard with so many different people but you will meet some good ones too!! ;-)