Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't count the days, make the days count.

Finally! It's summer vacation! 
Today was the very last day of school, and I don't have to go there for 3 months! How awesome is that? 
Now I have total freedom and I can do whatever I want.
Of course I don't know exactly what I want, but I know I wanna relax and enjoy my summer as much as I can. No big plans though. I like to do things spontaneously, cause the best adventures are the spontaneous ones. Besides, whenever I plan something, it fails. So no plans this summer. Just one big awesome adventure :)

Although I was really lazy this year in school, my grades are really good. Of course they're not perfect (thank God) but I'm proud of myself and my family's proud of me, so it's totally fine. 
Had some ups and downs with friends, classmates... but at the end, everything's fine and I can say that this was one weird and yet awesome year. And thankfully it's over, lol.

So now it's time to chill and relax for few days. Yeah it would be nice to get summer job, but unfortunately, in my country it's almost impossible. But I'm not too sad. Cause I wanna make this summer special and awesome. I want to have lots of great memories to share with everyone, and I want to do something more useful with my summer than just chilling and doing nothing. I wanna travel a bit, meet new people, have new experiences, and enjoy everything I can. 
I just have to get my butt up and go look for adventures myself, not sit and wait til they find me :) 
But not yet. now I'm gonna get myself water with ice and lemons, listen to some old school songs (like Cornershop-Brimful of Asha);D and go enjoy the sun :)

Have a really really nice day, everybody :)

P.S. What are your plans for the summer, everyone? :):)



  1. Oh I love that old skool song - Brimful of Asha... ;-) And you get 3 months off?! Lucky you, enjoy!!

  2. wow! 3 months???? incredible!
    you know we had just a month for summer hols and now its gonna reopen time:(
    well baiba enjoy tot he core!!!! and i luvd your attitude!
    and as usual your titles are equally good!
    take care

  3. @Talei thanks :)
    @Haritha til this day, I thought those 3 months weren't enough, but wow, i would hate having only one month of summer vacation... Now I like the education system in my country a little more, haha :D :)

  4. Soooo fun :)

    I want to do a ton of camping this summer. It should be awesome.

  5. @Elisabeth camping sounds awesomely fun! :)

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  7. Sorry I'm late just catching up with blogs, I am still in the US and only have a limited time on the Internet. I haven't forgotten you all.