Sunday, December 30, 2012

Be grateful...

Why is it that people turn extra good, nice and polite only during Christmas time? And I'm not saying this only about others. It's the same for me. Well, I try to be nice and polite all the time  but around Christmas those qualities get more popular among people. And only when the air is filled with snowflakes, love, Christmas spirit and the smell of gingerbread, people start to appreciate what they have.

My mom is the best example for all this.

Every year around Christmas time there are few charity events in Latvia and one is a really special one. Before the main ceremony there are urns in every store for people to donate money for disabled children. There are 10 special kids who are chosen and the main goal is to gather money for them. But then they also tell the real amount of money that would be necessary to help all the disabled children in Latvia. And every year people actually donate enough money to help everyone.

Me and my mom, we always donate to this charity. And when we watch the main ceremony, my mom always says: "Looking and these kids make me realize how much we actually have. And it's not about the money. We have our health!" and that just makes me so mad, because my mom is a pessimist. She always complains about everything and nothing is ever good enough. And only looking at these kids she realize that her life is not so bad after all.

However, few days later I was angry with myself for doing something similar.

on December 26 there is an event called "pride of Latvia". It is an event where few people get an award for something they've done this year. And it is not for famous people. I'll tell you a bit about the winners and their nominees so you understand it.

1.- The rescuer - A young woman got this award  because she saved a drowning boy from a pound.

2.- The teacher - A 90 year old teacher got this award for inspiring kids and teaching them to play checkers. He's still active and a really good teacher because one of his students got 6th place in Worlds Championship.

3.- The countryman - a businessman got this award. He grew up in a small region and when he went to university in the big city, the rich city boys made fun of him because he was from the countryside. However, now he's a successful businessman and every year he donates money to his districts school. He buys clothes, glasses and other things for the kids. I think it is super nice.

4.- Guardian angels - 10 men got this award for saving 2 Estonian rally pilots. When their car flipped into the water, these men automatically reacted and saved their lives. 

These are just few of the nominees. I think all these people are amazing. So why was I angry with myself? Because I always say that Latvians are rude, impolite and simply a gray nation. However, watching this ceremony I had tears in my eyes and I was proud that Latvia has such brave and amazing people.

My point in all of this is - people, please be grateful for everything you have!!! Don't wait til Christmas to feel warm inside. Think of what you have and smile! Stop complaining about everything! Be happy with who you are and what you have! :)

There are a lot of things I complain about all the time. But I alsto have a lot to be grateful for. I have an amazing family, friends people who care about me and people who I care about. I have reasons to smile and be happy. And that is what matters the most :)

Happy New Year, everybody :)




  1. You are wise beyond your years, Baiba!!

  2. I'm a bitch, but I'm a grateful bitch.


  3. I'd have to go with what Janie wrote above.

    It is very easy to believe your own people are rude shine a light on their faults...because people tend to look so much better from a distance. Close up we are all such messy creatures.

  4. Well kiddo you are a kind hearted sweet girl too.. Look at what you did this year to help the women's shelter! So proud to know you. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

  5. DEar Baiba, I hope you realize just how special you are. And how wise also for one so young. It's easy to forget being grateful. Thank you for reminding us of the joy of this.

    For the past 12 years, I've kept a gratitude journal. Every night I write down five things or people or events that happened that day for which/whom I'm grateful. Often I go back and read the previous years for the day I'm spending and realize anew just how blessed I am. Peace to you, Baiba, now and always.