Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy ending and a fresh start :)

Well, new year has begun, and as always, I've left the last one behind me and I'm starting a whole new fresh year with new ideas, new goals and clear mind.

I promised myself something in the New years eve. Even though I finished last year feeling happy, there were some dramas around me and even though they were about my friends and their problems, somehow I got myself into these dramas... I have no idea how but I was involved. 

So I promised myself - NO MORE DRAMAS THIS YEAR. no more bad attitude, no more silly fights with friends, no more of the bad stuff. I don't need it. I want to make this year super exciting and awesome. I wanna have fun, relax, enjoy my last 6 months that I've left of school and simply live my life with no regrets.

I'm also figuring this whole college stuff out...step by step...
Every day I'm getting closers to all my answers and I almost have no problems in my life. For now, haha ;D School starts on Monday, so I have some time left to enjoy, lol ;D

Oh, btw, I finished 2011 on a fun note, and I will start 2012 the same! ;D Me and my classmates totally pranked our teacher before Christmas. We wrapped up her whole classroom with wrapping-paper and newspapers. She could not get to any of her stuff because all the shelves and drawers were wrapped in too. Since it's chemistry class,there are sinks in the tables, we wrapped over those, and all the soaps,pencils,pens-everything she had on her table got wrapped ;D I think it looked cool ;D And I'm so glad she laughed and loved it, cause we worked 6 hours on it! ;D So since this prank worked out, I already have a new one in my mind ;D I'll let you all know how it works out. :)

Meanwhile, I still have few days left with my sister until she goes back to Germany, Winter holidays are almost over and I have so many great ideas and I feel great. And because I started this year feeling so happy, I sure hope I'll spend it just as happy as I am now :)

Take care everybody :)


This is how it all looked ;D

P.S. I recently saw something incredibly awesome on TV - it was an 80's concert. ALL NIGHT LONG [for like...5 or 6 hours] I was listening to 80's music [for those who don't know me - I LOVE 80's music] so I felt like I was in Heaven. So now you will be hearing that kind of music for a while on my blog ;D cause I still haven't got tired of it. And I don't think I ever will. So for those who also like it - enjoy, and for those who don't - suffer through it ;D


  1. I LOVE your teacher's Christmas present!
    I hope you have a wonderful--& FUN--2012!!

  2. Ha, nice place! :3

  3. Enjoy your time with your sister, as for dramas they do tend to creep up on us, so I'm never surprised what happens in my life.

    Happy New Year to you.


  4. Dear Baiba,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I always like to hear from you because you are much younger than I and I so enjoy your "take" on life.

    I do so hope this year of 2012 is good for you and that the '80s music will inspire you to live a life that brings contentment. Dramas do come but we can survive everything if we believe that the sun will come up tomorrow.

    I liked the song you added today to you posting. Thanks!


  5. fishducky thanks :) I actually got your first comment too but I have no idea why it didn't post.

    My2Pesos haha, thanks ;D

    Yvonne thanks. and yeah,I usually notice only when I'm already involved ;D creepy dramas, lol

    Dee thanks so much :) you inspire me in so many ways :) and the 80's music will be always with me ;D :)

  6. Best prank ever LOL! I love that :0)

  7. I lived through 80s music. I'm kinda done with most of it. I remember a few pranks in school, but yours is uhm, NICER than ours were ;-).

  8. haha what an awesome prank and a nice catchy tune too.

  9. Elisa thanks ;D

    FrankandMary thanks ;D I still love that music though ;D

    Tony I know, right? ;D

    Pat Hatt thanks :)

  10. Best wrapping job ever! lol Love It. I once did that but with tin foil. It was a blast. Be good little one and enjoy this year!

  11. Your 2012 will be blast;) .Best of luck.Just found your blog.

    Follow each other.

  12. That is a great prank....... very funny.... and I also love some 80s music..... Long live sideways pony tails and leg warmers!

  13. BragonDron thanks for following and your comment :)

    Melynda I'm so glad to hear from you! :) I'll try to be good, lol ;D :)

    Izdiher thanks :) I hope.

    Steve Bailey thanks ;D and yeah, long live pony tails ;DD lol

  14. I hope your year is still going awesome :0)