Sunday, January 29, 2012

my good mood has been with me for past 4 months! I sure hope it's not going anywhere!

I know before Christmas I was bragging about the warm weather and no snow... but now I have to say COLD WEATHER GO HOME! it's -17°C and it's getting colder. The roads are slippery, my car is frozen every morning, and while I'm getting it warm - I freeze.  

Aside from that, some interesting stuff has happened... 

I went to my first hockey game yesterday. I'm a huge fan of hockey - I've even skipped school and work just to see games. But somehow I've always worried about money and other stuff and I never went to see the games in person. I've always watched them on TV. But  yesterday me, my dad and his colleagues went to see the game. The atmosphere, feeling and everything was so great! People were awesome, we had awesome seats and the whole night was amazing and fun. I'm not saving money anymore. I'm gonna go again and again. I was filled with so much great emotions, I'm excited today as well. ;D I just hope this excitement stays til school ;D

There's an aerobics day on Thursday in my school. Every class has to prepare a dance performance for the competition and girls get grades for gym class from this event. I don't attend gym class, due to health issues, so I don't have to take place in this event, BUT! my classmates can't work together. They fight, someone always gets offended and they simply can't work things out if someone takes the leader role. SO, they elected me as the one who orders around and tell everyone what is ok and what's not. They said I fit for this role cause I'm the only one they don't want to kill ;D So even if I don't have to, I'm taking bigger part in this than some of the girls who need this grade. But, it's not like I mind being the boss, LOL! ;DD I just hope everything works out and we'll get some fun from this.

Aside from some stress, I got 2 amazing e-mails.

One of them is still a secret, so I can't tell you yet. But don't worry, when time comes - I'll let you all know what's up.
The other actually made my day. I got an e-mail from a man named James. He has written a book and asked me to read it and write a review. I'm super excited about this one. So James, if you're reading this - thanks! And I will do it soon! 

So that's what I've been doing all this time. Having fun and enjoying life :)
But that's all for now, cause I have 5 tests this week. Gotta study ;D

Here's something just for fun - I washed my dog, and I don't know why, but he gets all curly when he's wet ;DD [I know he doesn't look that happy, but he likes to have a bath.I think ;D] 

Have a wonderful week, everybody :)




  1. LOL well as long as you think he likes to have a bath and I'm with you the cold can go away now.

  2. Good moods CAN last!! I've been in one most of my life.

  3. Such a cute dog. :3

  4. I don't like cold weather either,
    Good news about reviewing a book, you could have done mine if I knew you would be interested.

    Take care.

  5. Dear Baiba,
    What a joyful posting! I can see why the girls chose you as the leader to help their group prepare. You impress me as a very fair-minded person.

    Thanks for sharing all that's been happening.

    I was glad to hear about the hockey game you attended. And I'm glad you're going to treat yourself to more games. Enjoy this time of your life.


  6. Pat Hatt I think he likes ;D

    Ms Nana thanks :)

    fishducky I hope mine lasts so long! :)

    My2Pesos thanks ;D he's not curly when he's dry though, lol ;D

    Yvonne thanks :) I would have loved to write a review for your book :)

    Dee thanks so much for your kind words :) You are such a wonderful woman :)

  7. I'm not so sure. I think the dog is plotting his revenge. ~Mary

  8. Your happiness is so contagious! I love you and your blog, girl ;)

  9. Hey, Kiddo, guess who's back!

    Just thought I would check into my VERY upbeat blogger friend and see what is going on. You insist all you want that your dog loves a baath, however, the expression on his face says OMG! kt

    Just wanted you to know that I noticed.