Tuesday, March 6, 2012

some ugly thoughts and tough decisions

Finally it's Spring time here! Usually when my dad opens the curtain in my room in the mornings, my reaction is NOOOOO!!! ;D but now I wait for him to come and do it, cause I just love the sun that shines on my face every morning. In days like this I know it's gonna be a good day. It's funny how a simple sunshine can brighten not only the day, but people mood as well.

I know I've been lazy and not posting for a long long time, but time is flying and there's so much to do. We have all these events at school since It's my Senior year, and I have managed to make some decisions.

I wanted to study abroad. I've been talking about that for one or two years. But I kinda freaked out and didn't get any papers done or any research. So I had to come up with something. And I did. Kinda. For all this time I told everyone I don't like Latvia, I want to live somewhere else etc. but recently I realized, I have been lying to everyone, including myself. I wanted to study abroad, so I could rub it into somebodies face. But thankfully I realized, how pathetic and ugly that is. And that I'm better than that. Although I feel stupid for even thinking like that. I can achieve any goal I set for myself. As long as I'm doing something for myself and not for others - I'll be ok =] plus, I have too many values here and I love this country. It'll always be my home. And I'm having fun here.

So now I just have to make a choice between two options.

Option number one: I could study as a translator. I'm good with languages, it's one of the best universities in Latvia and there are 40 places for scholarships. And I'm almost 100% sure I would get in. The school itself is perfect,prestige, beautiful and nice. [however, it may be too perfect for me, cause I didn't feel that comfortable there].

Option number two: I could study psychology. I love helping people, I'm a good listener and even now my friends and classmates are coming to me for advice. I should get a planner, cause many people want to talk to me about their problems. And I've loved psychology since elementary school.

My problem is, that I would actually really like to study psychology and become a psychotherapist, but this profession isn't that popular in Latvia. People here don't like to open up to therapists and not that many go to them. So I'm kinda afraid I won't have a job later...

But as a translator, I know I would always find a job. 

So now I don't know what to do. I guess I just want someone to tell me that no matter what I choose, I'll do great.

Only two months till exams, and I have to make a decision soon. Thankfully I have the next week off, cause of Spring holidays. I'll have some time to clear my head and gather my thoughts. 

I promise to catch up with all your blogs :) I miss your stories and I hope everyone is having a good time :)

Take care for now :)



  1. You WILL do great, Baiba--because you have it in you!!!

  2. Option number one sounds good ti me. First of all, you are good at it, you are interested in this area but most of all it as a career this will give you plenty of opportunity TO TRAVEL!

  3. I love languages. :)

  4. Dear Baiba,
    I always try to follow my deepest heart wish. If yours is to study psychology, then that's a clear path. And if jobs aren't available later, you can choose to go elsewhere. It's good to study just for the sake of our own growth as a human being.

    I hope the next three months are fun for you! Enjoy them.


  5. What ever you decide to do will be right. It is lovely to hear from you again.
    Good luck on what you decide to do.


  6. You, little one will do good no matter what you decide on. If it were me personally with those two options I would do both. Learn as many languages as you can AND b come a psychologist. It gives you a world of opportunities that way and you have something to fall back on. By the way my book got published yeah!

  7. For being only 18, you are a very wise young lady. You realized that your decision about studying abroad was based on the wrong motives. I would ask you to revisit that option In another year or so. You would have grown and matured and possibly this might be the time to look at in again with a new perspective. My daughter spent a semester in Australia and that experience (in her senior year) could never be replicated any other time in her life.

    Give yourself some time during your first year in college to find what it is you want to do in life. You do not have to make that decision now. You may not know even 10 years from now, but you will have life experiences to help you find your way.

    Good luck. Starting out is a great adventure and your journey will take you down many winding roads. Have a safe trip.

  8. You are so honest and wonderful. I hope the Scribe and Hippie will be like you when they grow up :)

    I'll be praying you'll make the right choice.

  9. fishducky thanks :)

    kt thanks. And yeah I've thought about these things too. But still, tough to decide :/

    My2Pesos I do too! =]

    Dee thanks for your advice :)

    Yvonne thanks so much :)

    Melynda thanks you awesome woman! and Congrats on your book! that's so exciting! =]

    thanks :)

    Elisa you are sooo sweet! Thanks so much =]

  10. BAIBA!!!!!!!! hw are you???
    i know EXACTLY what you feel...
    we kinda discussed it through mails no???/:)

    just take up what you love .....dont care if what you take up or study isnt poplular in youR country or not...
    you will learn what you really love with great interest ... and thus you will give in your best in it and hence everything will be fine and you will reach the sky
    just stay focused after you choose what you like...

    if you cant then who can? smile:)

  11. I always wanted to study abroad but never got a chance.... so you should do it!!! And do what you love and the job will fall into place.

    1. You'll do real well! Loved reading this :)

      p.s- super cute blog :)

  12. hey baiba..thanks for the comment... :)
    i would love to read your review... am pretty bad at it however,,,
    just dont worry..take your time to write:)

  13. Come at mr bro ;D thanks.

    Haritha welcome back and thanks so much :)

    Steve thanks :)

    nil thanks :)