Saturday, March 31, 2012

What stars have planned for me...

Two days ago I experienced the weirdest thing ever.

Since I had doubts about my future plans and all this school stuff, I decided to go to an astrologer. 

At first I thought he was one of those voodoo people who looks into crystal ball and all. But boy was I wrong ;D  He is actually a star translator. I had to tell him the exact date and TIME when I was born. From all that he made a map. He explained that when I was born at 1:30 am, all the planets were in one exact spot in the universe. and he got that picture. 

My doubts about that man disappeared in two seconds, when he started talking about my personality. His first words were: "You're a total daydreamer." And then my mind just stopped working and I listened to every word he said.  He was absolute right about everything. It was like he had a book written about me, and he knew everything from what I do to who I am. 

The best part was that he didn't say anything bad. Only good things. He said that I'm an optimist,which is good, cause there aren't that many in the world, but it's also bad, because I'm happy with everything the way things are. So I don't try to reach higher goals. [but since I know that now, that's about to change :) ]

He said that I'm a very lucky person because no matter what I choose to do, I'll be successful at everything. But the main direction for my career is business and management. I don't stress about little things in everyday life but when it comes to big stuff, I am good at setting things in right places.

And that was actually what I wanted to hear. I've been thinking about business and management for a long time, but other people around me somehow pulled my thoughts away from that direction. 

He also said, that I attract people. That they like talking to me and that my smile calms them down. And he said that there is a big possibility that my first kids will be twins, lol ;D can't wait for that ;D

So basically I am amazing and I'll have a great life :D 

The visit cost me 30$ but it was the best spent money ever! I feel so happy now. I have no stress, no doubts about anything and I am smiling non-stop every single day.

Whether it all comes true or not, I know that I'm going to be ok :)



  1. You've attracted quite a few people here.
    Amazing with a great life. Perfect.
    And so you :-).

  2. WOWWWWWWWW baiba! i feel so happy for you...
    i think this visit to the astrologer was at the perfecet time....
    i can just imagine hw happy you are... so delete all those doubts from your mind..
    twins!!!! oh baiba i am dreaming of reading a post with the pics of the twins uploaded :)

  3. That was money well spent to hear that, you are most popular with your blog and very well like.


  4. You make your own life, sweetheart--& I know you'll have a GREAT one!!

  5. Dear Baiba, . . . you have a deep down courage that's going to help you live a full and wonderful life. Please keep believing in yourself. Peace.

  6. .Hey sweet girl! Nothing can hold you back kiddo! You are a very charming ans wonderful girl! I agree with Dee and Fishducky. Don't stop being who you are. Great things are coming your way!

  7. You are amazing and we all know it :)
    I LOVE this line and completely agree:

    "He said that I'm a very lucky person because no matter what I choose to do, I'll be successful at everything."

    Reach for the stars, girl. They're yours for the taking ;)

  8. thanks everybody for your lovely words :) you are all so amazing :)