Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life is good, but I'm better ;D

This time I have a completely good excuse for not being here - my computer is broken. So today my friend has to put up with me, cause I'm like an addict going through every website ;D I have missed so many awesome stories and I can't wait to get my computer back to read them all. But, I also don't want him back for several reasons. As much as I've missed your posts, I've never been this relaxed.  I have time for myself, my family, friends and relaxing.

A couple of awesome things have happened to me these last weeks. 

First, on May 13 was Mother's Day in Latvia. So a little belated Happy mother's day to all you-wonderful amazing moms out there :) 

Another awesome thing - I turned 19 on May 12. And may I say- this was THE BEST birthday ever! And all thanks to my wonderful friends and family.

My friend bought bus tickets to Tallinn [Estonia] and we both celebrated my birthday there.
Thanks to couch-surfing, I had so many amazing experiences. 
If someone doesn't know what couch-surfing is - it's a website where people from all over the world offer their homes for travellers to stay at. And we got an amazing host. She showed us the town, took us sightseeing and took us out at night so I could have some birthday shots ;D

The town was beautiful and we were walking for 5 hours and still didn't manage to see everything. Then at night, it was a completely different view. There were millions of people and clubs, pubs and parties around every corner. We went to few clubs and the people there were amazing and so nice! Everyone who found out I had a birthday, immediately hugged me and wished me a happy birthday. The shots were good, the music was amazing and the people were simply awesome. 

When I got back home, I had my second surprise - my friends got me the best presents ever ;D 

a little back story:
-I never pay any attention to how much fuel I have left in my car. So there have been few situations when my car simply stops cause it's out of fuel. 

For that to never happen again, one friend got me can of fuel for emergencies ;D lol. My friends know me so well :D 

So I had the best birthday, I got the best presents and I'm in such good mood I can't even explain it. 
And now when my computer is broken, I will have some time to study for my exams. The English exam is on  Tuesday, so wish me luck :)

I have some other stories but I want to catch up with your blogs first :) I don't know how [cause my computer will be broken for a while], but I will manage to do it. :) 

Meanwhile, enjoy yourselves :)
you are all amazing :)


Here are some pictures from my birthday :)


  1. Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Baiba, happy belated birthday. I'm so glad you got to take a trip and it was so enjoyable. Today's the day you have your English exam. You've probably already passed it and so "congratulations!!!!!!" Peace.

  3. Happy belated birthday sweet girl! That was my husbands birthday also and we had a blast also! Hope you are doing well with your exams and know that you have been missed!

  4. Happy belated b-day as well. I have never been to Estonia but would love to someday. I have definitely perfected the art of couch surfing though through the years! Cheers to always having more gas in your tank than you thought!!