Monday, August 5, 2013

I have a habit of caring too much!

First, some good news -->

I posted some time ago that I wanted to get into a different university for Translation program. Guess what? I GOT ACCEPTED! And not only that - I got into Budget group again, which means - free studies! This is because I'm a Nerd, as Haritha said, lol. My grades are really good and that is one thing that's appreciated in universities here. I'm excited. And scared. But mostly excited. :) So in 4 years I'll have my Bachelor's degree in Translation. [Hopefully]. I don't like the 4 year thing, but that's what it is in Latvia...

Now, on to the story...

My kindness has no limits and it scares me sometimes cause it might just get me into trouble someday. I care too much for everything and everyone on this planet. For example, if I see a dead dog, bird or even a frog on the road I will feel bad for the whole day. Or even if I see an alive animal all alone on the street - I will feel sorry for it. This has happened a lot. And I can't help it. Just like I can't help the feeling I get when I see old people walking alone with huge grocery bags. It breaks my heart to drive by them in my car when they have to walk. I always want to just stop and ask if I can help them. Of course I never do, cause I'm too shy. That was 'til today.

I was just coming home from work when I saw this old lady who was walking with a walker. She was small, her back was bent and she was walking really slow. I felt so bad for her that I decided to actually do what I always want to do when I see someone like that. So I stopped and said: "Good day. Can I give you a ride?"

She came closer and said: "Oh, no, thank you. No need to bother that much." And just when I was about to close the window, she started telling me all about her life, family, childhood etc. So half an hour later I found myself listening to stories about her younger days and how she has traveled a lot. She even spent some time in Armenia together with some -soon to be- Astronauts. And how she was deported to Siberia when she was 10 and got back when she was 16. And now she wants to get insurance for her house etc...

There I was, in the middle of the street, listening to her stories. When all I asked was if she wanted a ride. It was quite funny and interesting at the same time. And sad a bit too. Because I think some old folks have no-one to talk to and they are happy to tell everything to the first person who is ready to listen. 

Lucky for her, I'm always ready to listen. Besides - I'm too nice to not to listen, anyway. 

This was one strange day for me. But on the bright side - I did overcome my shyness and finally just stopped to offer my help. :)

Take care,



  1. I love that you care and I know that as you get older you will find your way to use that caring to make this a better world. I bet the old people in Latvia have many stories to tell, some tragic, some full of hope. Congratulations on the college acceptance.

  2. Got this from Melynda:

    I am so proud of you! You are right. They don't have anyone to talk to and all they want is someone to care! Good for you for being that person. You are a sweet heart!
    As for your schooling yaaaaahooooo! I am so proud of you little nerdling! Being a nerd is not a bad thing girl. :) Big hugs to you!

  3. Dear Baiba, congratulations on working through your shyness to help this woman. It's so true that as we age we become more reclusive and so when a young person expresses interest, we older people do tend to talk. I'm so glad that you stayed with her and listened. Thank you for being you. Peace.

  4. wow! thats great Baiba :)i have the same problem too and am yet to overcome it :)shyness stops me and i keep thinking how the other person would react.. this post will help me a good deal:)
    thank you so much MY NERDY FRIEND! :) congratulations once again on your success! :)