Friday, June 17, 2011

We do not remember days; we remember moments.

I cut my hair today! :( yeah, I know I had to, cause the ends were split and so on... but still sad. I could make those long curls and now I can't. I know they'll grow back, but I love my hair. They are the prettiest thing I have, lol.

look how short they are now :( ;D

As I was thinking about my hair, I remembered my childhood. maybe because I always had short hair, lol. but it's because they were thin, so my mom cut them so that they would grow thick. which they did. But what I remember the most is  that I was such a boyish kid :D my first toy was not a doll, it was a toy car and I loved it! maybe I was living up to my haircut, haha :D but no, that's not it. The thing is that I have two cousins and I spent all my childhood with them and their friends. Surrounded by boys, I was the coolest chick in village, lol. I had only one girl friend. The rest were boys, and actually it still is like that. Even now I have much better relationships with guys than girls. I'm just not a girly girl. I like sports, cars, beer :D 

Anyway, when I remember my childhood, I have sooo many awesome memories... We were crazy kids who had fun every single day. Plus I spent it all with cute boys. (every girls dream, right? LOL) You can't even imagine what kids can come up with even when there's nothing to do.

The sad thing is that nowadays more and more kids will grow up without fun memories to share with others, because of the technology. 

I remember one day when I was going home from school, two little boys were walking behind me. And I remember their conversation. I know it's not right to listen to other people conversations :D but this was really interesting. As a kid, all I was thinking about was what to do every day with my friends. Were will we go, what games will we play, and I always new we will have so much fun. And then hearing what these two kids were saying was surprising. They didn't talk about going out, playing games with others or having fun... They were talking about their scores in a video game. These boys were only 6 years old and they were obsessed with video games. And it's sad because when they grow up and remember their childhood, they will not have such memories.

Thankfully, I didn't have such technology when I was a kid. Cause I had an amazing time growing up.   
Of course it's not like that anymore. I miss those times when no one cared about anything...we were free souls who played in the mud and ran bare feet. Now everyone's grown up and serious. I haven't met my childhood friends for years. We have all gone our own way...

But at least I have amazingly awesome memories and those will never go away.

*So how about your childhood memories? 


Look how cute I was :D  and BLONDE! :D


  1. You are a beautiful girl with long hair or not. I wouldn't worry about that. After all it's just hair and it will grow back. My childhook though oh so far away from yours, was very similar. We thought it was horrible when our parents made us stay inside. I ground mine and send them outside.. I don't get it. You are right.. Technology has stolen our childrens childhoods. Smart girl.

  2. I cut my hair also and I am missing my long hair! :( I can't wait for it to grow back, but it's taking so long! I had an amazing childhood as well, and I hardly remember a time when I was in my home for more than an hour because I was just always out playing with my friends.

  3. i wanna say that u look cute both ways....and ya dont worry hair shall grow again:)
    and like you i too dint have a P.C or cell phone when i was young!thankfully:)
    P.s Am happy that you liked my story:) thanku

  4. You're so darling then and absolutely gorgeous now ;) I LOVE your hair.

    Childhood memories are fun. Most of mine involve a cranky cat and my need to dress him up in doll clothes LOL! I hope my little ones will have amazing memories. Childhood is too much fun to waste on gaming.