Tuesday, April 19, 2011

do-nothing day.

No school for me today. I took a day off. :D (I had a reason, I promise :D )
This week has started really good. I still have no inspiration or will to do something...I don't want to do any homework...it's not fun in school anymore... I just want to relax and summer to begin. But today i feel really good. Probably I'm just in a good mood because of the sun that shines right through my window :)

Today I wanna do absolutely nothing. So for me today is officially DO-NOTHING Tuesday :D
Although I think my neighbors hate me, haha. cause my -do-nothing- involves really loud music.

So take care everybody and enjoy this absolutely perfect day. :) 



  1. So fun :) I think I want to have a do nothing Wed. Maybe today's too late for me, but tomorrow sounds like an awesome day to kick back :0)

    Have a great one.

  2. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing. ;-) Enjoy!

  3. Your post spoke vloumns, to be on your own you want to find what out want you really want.Loud music may help,as music is a great love of mine and has helped me through times of Just wanting to be alone, Now I live alone and though I am happy how I long for someone just to walk through the door, being on your own everyday is not my cuo of tea.

    Thanks for your comment.