Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Newbie in the house!!!

Today is the magical day when I realized my life is soooo booringgg. I've got nothing going on...no plans for the future...NADA! lame, right? 
     So - I decided to start something new, and first in my list was writing.(and trust me - you don't wanna know the second in my list...it involves chain saw and pickles haha)

  I've always been scared of starting something new, so my QUESTION OF THE DAY was:"What's the worst thing that could happen to me?" and thankfully I found my answer - it's failure! and then I realized - it's not death, it's not the end of the world...it's just failure and as we all know - we only learn from it and if i don't try, I'll never learn... as wise man once said
"All glory comes from daring to begin." Eugene F. Ware
so CHEERS for the new beginnings!!!

Xo xo, Gossip Girl
Haha, joking
See ya later alligators!


  1. Good luck with your new endeavor! I'm sure you'll find the blogging community abundant with genuine support! Just don't forget to leave comments, otherwise people mightn't notice you, especially on blogs that have hundreds of followers! ;o) Good luck!

  2. Good luck with your blog.
    Thanks for joining my followers, please leave comments now and then.


  3. Thanks for the comment. much appreciated,

  4. Hey! My biggest fear is exactly the same. Well, in the same zipcode-I'm afraid that I'll die and not have done anything substantial with my life. Like my legacy/contribution to the world ends when I kick the can. So that's why I decided to self publish and I volunteer etc. Good luck with your blog :) New follower!