Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Joy is not in things - it is in us!

These last couple of days have been enlightening.
  First of all, I survived my very first day of driving school. Despite the fact, that I don't like people I'm learning with, I'm actually excited to go there again today. There are 14 boys and 2 girls in my group. And all the boys looked like - what the hell are these girls doing's not like they know how to drive or something...haha.
But, who cares what they think, right?
 The other thing I discovered - turns out, If you can stand up for yourself and fight for your  opinion, you are arrogant. I'm sorry for all who think that, but I don't agree. I think there's a big difference between arrogance and confidence.
 The third thing I realized - if you help nicely others with something you understand and they don't - they will be thankful, but if you help them, thinking like-omg, it's so easy, how can you not know that, are you stupid or something? yeah...they won't appreciate your help no matter how much you've helped.

But my biggest discover of the today was that it doesn't take much, to make me happy. For today it was only the sun and one sentence from my friend. She said - aww Baiba, you are so nice :) and trust me people - that made my day :)

And I hope yours is as nice as mine :)
See ya later, alligators :D


  1. Hi. Thanks for the comment:

    Pleased you are getting along well at driving school. I totally agree there is a difference between arrogance and confidence.
    It's good you have the confidence, with yourself and with others.Another thing I learned whilst I was in my dark tunnel many years ago was before you can respect other people you have to respect yourself. I have remembered all these things and am a better person, I still get off days like everyone but I remember all I read and listened to on cds and I'm back on top again.
    Enjoy yourself. I notice you're getting a few more followers......good for you.

  2. Es atvainojos par latviešu valodu šeit, bet tu tiešām esi jauka :)

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment.
    Have a good day.